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A red acne pimple on the face happens to everyone.

It’s not very pretty and it’s often accompanied by unsightly redness all around.

Once pierced, the pimple and redness often take far too long to disappear.

Fortunately, there is a home remedy to heal an acne pimple quickly.

The trick is to put directly of honey above to accelerate healing:

How to do

1. Put a drop of honey directly on the pimple and redness.

2. Then place a bandage over it.

3. Leave to act overnight.


There you go, the pimple healed completely in 1 night 🙂

Simple, effective and economical!

You now know how to remove a painful and ugly pimple in the middle of the forehead, chin…

Or right on the tip of your nose 😉

Overnight, honey kills bacteria, keeps skin sterile, and speeds healing.

It is a real natural healing cream.

No need to buy Cicalfate d’Avene, Hexomedine or Biafine cream at the pharmacy!

Honey is a natural product with scientifically recognized benefits.

Applied as a healing bandage, it removes pimples overnight naturally.

The good news is that there are no contraindications.

You can use it on the face every night.

Thanks to this natural treatment, pimples will quickly disappear!

And know that this DIY treatment is effective for hormonal acne, for teens and adults, men or women.

Why does it work?

Honey is an excellent antiseptic and an effective healing agent.

You may know…

It is also used to heal small wounds, cuts and wounds.

It is a powerful and effective healing agent to soothe acne pimples. Even overnight!

It is therefore ideal as a treatment for an infected pimple.

It acts as a restorative and healing ointment.

And it helps fade pimple scars.

To take your treatment a step further, you can make a homemade honey mask. Here is the quick and easy recipe.

bonus tips

– You don’t have any honey? So you probably have toothpaste. Put some on the pierced pimple, with pus, infected or white to make it disappear. Check out the trick here.

– You can also regularly apply a clay mask to treat acne on the face… Especially if you have a subcutaneous pimple that makes a bump.

clay cleanses the skin and purifies it. It will prevent a pimple from pushing out and getting all red. It helps to ripen the button and then to deflate it.

It’s really a good remedy to use without moderation to no longer have pimples or to treat infected pimples.

– I’aloe vera is also a miraculous plant for the skin. It moisturizes the skin and calms the inflammation of the pimple, which makes the pimple redden.

Indeed it will reduce the redness of pimples on the face. It is also often used to reduce herpes or a cold sore.

And if you want to know how to keep aloe vera fresh, click here.

– You can also do a facial peel with a mixture ofcoconut oil and of bicarbonate. It is an excellent cleanser for problem skin. Here is the easy recipe.

– Essential oils are also a great help to hide pimples and get rid of them. Try true lavender essential oil in particular. She does miracles.

– Last advice, avoid crushing a button or worse, tearing it off. You risk infecting it and you would have a nice scab and a clearly visible scar.

Finally, reassure… Acne pimples disappear with age. And acne scars fade over time. Some even disappear completely.

Your turn…

Have you tried this grandmother remedy for an acne pimple? Let us know in the comments if it worked! We can’t wait to read you!

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