Design dos and don’ts for rental properties


You have signed the lease and have the keys to your new rental apartment. Can’t wait to show off your personality with your innovative decoration and design ideas!

However, before making any significant changes to your new cushion, it is essential that you carefully review the details of your rental agreement. Decorating a rental apartment can be tricky because you might be limited in what you are and are not allowed to do regarding DIY upgrades.

Hire a locksmith

So before you start renovating your new apartment, keep reading to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of design for rental properties. You’ll feel good knowing you’re not breaking your rental agreement while expressing your unique flair for decorating and design.

Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas

When planning your new rental interior design plan, it’s important not to undertake major renovations – like tearing out a wall to make more space in a room, replacing counters or changing the flooring. . Likewise, do not remove a tree, pull out shrubbery, or cause major disturbance to the landscaping. You shouldn’t make any major plans without first discussing them with your landlord.

Check on the paint

On that note, you also shouldn’t paint without first checking your lease. Painting is always a simple way to enhance any space, but before you go get your brushes and buckets, check with your rental agent for their allowed paint policy.

Verification is easy and your landlord will appreciate it. Often, knowing that a tenant is willing to do the job, the landlord will supply the necessary painting materials.

The power of area rugs

One thing you can always do to quickly make a major makeover in a rental apartment is to add beauty and comfort to your floor. You can do it inexpensively and in less than an hour with area rugs. So if you don’t like the old wood floors in your rental unit, just throw in some cozy, padded, warm rugs!

Decoration of rental apartment buildings

Decorating a do-it-yourself rental apartment can be fun, but it can also be a strain on limited finances. When decorating a rental apartment on a budget, it’s wise to remember the hidden future costs of your current actions.

For example, don’t assume you can quickly repair walls from heavy TV stands – or even sticking pictures and posters to the walls. Instead, opt for lightweight, removable wall mounts — and removable adhesives that won’t strip paint when removed.

Although there are a few upfront expenses for the products, they can save you money when you move and have to pay for drywall repairs or new paint. These are elements that often result in the non-refund of security deposits.

Rental Apartment Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Decorating kitchens is an essential consideration in interior design for rental apartments. Lighting is an essential part of any kitchen, and it’s a good idea to include both natural lighting and innovative, modern fixtures. Natural light keeps the environment lively and cheerful while strategically located fixtures provide accent lighting where it’s needed most.

If you turn off your light fixtures, be sure to keep the old ones safe. This way, you can take back the ones you bought and put the originals back in place when you move.

And of course, natural plants, including herb gardens on the windowsill, make great additions to the kitchen. Let natural sunlight shine through your window and fuel the growth of nutrient-rich plants that add flavor and health to your recipes!

Apartment Rental Living Room Decorating Ideas

While it’s wise to ask your landlord to change your wall colors with fresh paint first, you can always elevate your walls in other ways, such as adding shelves, mirrors, artwork and tenant-friendly wallpaper and tiles. Again, use removable hangers on your walls so they can be quickly removed when you’re ready to move. And all it takes is a little spackle to cover up the little nail holes they leave behind. This will help ensure that you receive 100% of your security deposit.

Spruce up your window coverings

Upgrading your window coverings is another smart and economical way to enhance the look of your entire interior space. You can swap out ugly curtains and broken blinds for new modern products, like bamboo blinds, mood curtains or blackout blinds.

As with light fixtures, be sure to store existing window coverings so you can put them back in place before you move. It’s a good idea to label each window covering you take down, which will make it much easier to reinstall them a year later, or even longer when you decide to move.

Rental Home Design Ideas

One of the smartest rental apartment design ideas is to keep small spaces simple. You don’t need to place anything anywhere there is a bare spot. It’s good to divide your spaces and not try to overwhelm confined areas with too many decorations. Also, it is important to leave enough space to navigate around furniture when walking. Remember that your spaces are there to accommodate life, not just to lock you into one place because you have no room to move!


Turning your space into a home you feel complete in is entirely possible, even with strict rental terms. And it’s always good to cover your bases and maintain a clear understanding with your rental agent. Consider the advantages of a professional and binding Furnished Rental Unit Amendment. Professional rental documentation helps tenants and renters stay clear about their expectations.

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