Are you aware the place to place the Soupline within the washer? Reply Right here.


I explain here which tray to use to put the Soupline.

Because I don’t know you…

…but I never know which of the three to pour the fabric softener into.

And if the location is wrong, the laundry will not be washed properly.

Fortunately, when buying my machine, the installer explained to me where to put the Soupline.

This little reminder was not useless for the whole family! Just look at the little symbols. Look :

Where should I put fabric softener?

softener compartment

To know where to put the fabric softener, nothing could be simpler.

Just mark the compartment with a blue color.

Take a good look, it also has a small symbol that looks like a clover

To properly dose the fabric softener, pour it up to the line printed on the tray.

Be careful not to exceed the line.

Why ? Because there would be too much product and the laundry would be sticky.

What if I use white vinegar instead of Soupline Trade ?

It is true that white vinegar perfectly replaces commercial softeners as we explain to you here.

Personally, I don’t use it anymore. It’s cheaper and just as effective.

I pour it into the softener compartment, quite simply.

If you use starch, it must also be poured into this tray.

What are the other 2 bins for?

detergent compartment of a washing machine

As one can guess, each of the tubs of the washing machine has its function.

And for once, all the manufacturers are adopting the same codes so that we can find our way around.

We can therefore find 3 compartments.

One is used to put the detergent, the other the softener and the third is used for the pre-wash.

Fortunately, this is standard for all machine brands: Whirlpool, Beko, LG, Samsumg, Brandt, Bosch, Indesit or Candy…

What happens if I get the wrong baccalaureate?

washing machine

Don’t worry, your machine won’t explode!

But be aware that your laundry will not be as clean and soft as normal.

Why ?

Because the machine releases each product at a precise moment in the cycle.

So the detergent comes before the fabric softener…which makes sense.

If the bins are reversed, the products will also be reversed.

So the detergent will intervene at the end of the cycle on the laundry.

Not only will it not be rinsed enough, but the detergent will erase the benefits of the fabric softener used first.

In short, washing is done upside down.

Where should I put the laundry?

detergent compartment

Detergent, whether liquid or powder, is poured into the largest compartment.

How to recognize it for sure? It’s very simple, it has the symbol « II »

Some detergents go directly into the drum. This is the case of systems of dosing balls or tablets with a water-soluble film.

What is the third bin used for?

What is the 3rd compartment of the washing machine for?

As you may have noticed, there is a third hole in the detergent drawer.

This tub is used for pre-washing.

It is recognized by the symbol « I ».

If your laundry is very dirty, and your machine has a program with prewash, you can put a stain remover product in this hole.

Your turn…

And you, did you know the difference between the 3 tubs of the washing machine? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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