Canine deserted by the facet of the highway understands this man desires him properly and accepts him


Hard to trust after being betrayed and abused. Yet the vast majority of dogs with difficult pasts can fit into a new family and be loving like never before. Often they need to regain confidence, to be educated but nothing inaccessible for a family who really want to adopt a pooch in need.

This dog was left alone by the side of the road in Serbia. The poor little animal needed attention and love, but at the same time was very scared.

Fortunately, Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac came to the rescue! They managed to locate the animal by the side of the road. In the video, a man gets out of his car and tries to grab the dog and get him to safety.

Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac in Serbia is one of the associations that is doing a great job and has provided shelter to hundreds of animals.

Animals left near roads are in great danger and can be run over, run over and totally disoriented. In the video below, the dog looks fearful, he is not sure he can be trusted but he seems to know that this man wants him well.

Finally, in order to be able to catch him quickly and safely, the man set up a trap for the dog. At first, the animal is wary of the cage, but ends up entering without a problem. Now he’s finally safe and the abandoned pooch can be taken to the vet!

The dog gently lets himself get out of the car to the vet, as if the sweet animal knows he’s finally safe!

Despite the time it took him, the dog finally trusted his rescuer. It brings tears to my eyes to see how happy the dog is now in his new home. Watch her heartwarming story below:

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