Canine lastly honored for saving over 100 koalas injured in Australia fires


Bear is a six-year-old Australian Koolie who found more than 100 injured koalas after Australia’s horrific bushfires.

The four-legged friend received the IFAW Animal Action Award on October 12. He virtually participated in the event to receive his trophy.

Life sometimes takes strange turns. Shortly before Australia’s 2019-20 Horror Summer, Bear was jobless and ownerless. His « bounding energy and his obsessive enthusiasm to play » made it difficult to find him a suitable family, according to IFAW.

But it’s that energy, along with his excellent sense of smell, that made Bear an ideal candidate for the University of the Sunshine Coast’s conservation dog detection team.

While there, he was trained to track down koalas and other wildlife when they need to be rescued during natural disasters. Bear turned out to be insanely talented for this!

During the devastating wildfires of 2019-2020, the Koolie managed to find more than 100 live koalas trapped in burned or at-risk areas. Thanks to Bear, all these koalas received the medical care they needed!

« We think Bear really deserved this award because he was so good and helped us find and save many koalas, especially during wildfires »said his guardian, Romane Cristescu, in a press release.

“But he works year round to help us in our work for a better and safer place for koalas”she added.

What a fantastic doggie! Bear deserves all the credit he deserves, doesn’t he?

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