Do not Throw Away the Frying Oil! The Tip To Clear It (and Reuse It 10 Instances).


I have often wondered how to clean frying oil.

So I asked my grandma how she did to clean and reuse its frying oil.

And she told me 3 effective tips to filter it and find it clean.

The good news ? It’s easy and fast. Look :

How to do

1. For 1 liter of oil, pour 250 ml of water into a bowl.

Cornstarch mixed with water

2. Add 4 tablespoons of Cornflour and mix.

3. Pour the mixture into hot or cold oil.

a mixture of water and cornstarch poured into the dirty oil

4. Heat the oil slowly. Be careful, she must not shudder!

5. Stir without stopping with a spatula resistant to high temperatures.

solidified cornstarch to clean the oil

6. After about ten minutes, the starch solidifies.

7. Filter the oil in a sieve fine mesh.

Used oil filtered through a sieve

8. Your oil is now very clean!

clean oil in a bowl after it has been filtered and cleaned

9. Just let it cool and you can use it again no problem.

Don’t worry if the oil looks cloudy. It clarifies on its own as soon as it is warmed up.

With this cornstarch trick, you can reuse the oil at least 3 times.

Don’t forget, if you have 1 liter of used oil, multiply the quantities of water and cornstarch by 4.

One last thing, if you don’t have a sieve, you can use a skimmer to remove the solidified cornflour.

With an egg white

An egg white to clean the oil from the fryer

Do you have any egg whites on hand?

That’s good !

‘Cause we need a egg white to clean the oil from the fryer.

Otherwise, simply separate the egg white from the yolk.

For that, use this super easy trick.

Then put the egg white directly into the hot oil and stir constantly.

As the egg white solidifies, it catches all the crumbs lying around in the fryer. As if by magic !

With this trick you can use the oil up to 5 times.

With potato peelings

potato peelings to clean the oil

Do you make homemade fries?

So keep safe potato peelings.

They are very useful for cleaning and purifying frying oil.

Just clean them well and heat the oil.

When it is hot, dip the peelings in and let them cook for 5 minutes.

Then filter the oil.

You will see, the oil has no particular smell or taste.

Best of all, it’s like you’re using it for the first time.

Peelings absorb odors and small dirt.

It is economical, efficient and fast.

Find out how here.

It’s also a great way to use up peelings.

A little advice ? If the oil is not too dirty, take the opportunity to make crisps with the potato peelings!

When should the frying oil be changed?

You are certainly wondering when to change frying oil ?

Of course, it is not eternal!

So end of 8 to 10 uses maximumit is better to completely change it and take some a news.


And there you have it, now you know how to filter and clean cooking oil.

And unless you cooked fish in it, you can use it again.

It’s easy, isn’t it? And it saves money every day.

Otherwise, by dint of being cooked and annealed, it becomes carcinogenic.

Moreover, if your oil changes color and becomes brown, it must be thrown away.

If smoke comes out of the oil, it is also advisable to throw it away.

Where to dispose of used frying oil?

Never throw it down the sink or toilet!

The oil consolidates in the pipes and clogs them completely.

And don’t put it in your compost either.

If you have little oil to throw away and you have a garden, you can dig a hole in the bottom and empty the oil into it.

You can also put it in an airtight container and throw it in the trash.

But the best solution is to bring it at the dump of your municipality. It will be recycled there.

And sometimes we even give it a second life!

Did you know that you can also reuse oil from sardines? Here’s how.

Your turn…

You tested this grandma thing for reuse frying oil even longer? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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