Dr Fauci has excellent news for individuals hoping to journey this vacation season


Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has encouraging news for many of us in the hopes of seeing our families and friends this holiday season: People vaccinated may feel at comfortable meeting with loved ones for the holidays. Even if you have to travel to do it!

« If you are a person who has been vaccinated, your family is vaccinated, and you are in a situation where the people you interact with are vaccinated, you can have a great vacation, » said Dr Fauci. The New York Times Podcast The Daily November 12. Further, he added, “I believe that people can and should travel during the holidays.

While the thought of getting on a plane or other major form of transportation always seems risky, Dr Fauci has allayed those fears as well. “Getting on a plane isn’t much of a risk. It’s the whole process of traveling, interacting and mingling with people,” he explained. « follow the recommendations of the CDC and wear a mask, » he said.

Again, Dr. Fauci’s advice that it’s okay to assemble and travel (safely!) Is for people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. “It is very, very clear that the crushing burden of infections, hospitalizations and deaths is on the unvaccinated,” explained Dr Fauci. Unvaccinated people are 11 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than vaccinated people, NPR reported in September, and are of course more likely to spread COVID-19 to others.

It is great if the loved ones you dream of seeing are in fact all vaccinated. But… what if they aren’t? For example, many children are still too young to be eligible for COVID-19 vaccination. In this case, Dr Fauci said: “The best way to protect unvaccinated people [children] is to surround them with vaccinated people who are unlikely to spread [COVID-19] for them. »

There are other safety measures you can take if you have decided that you are comfortable seeing unvaccinated loved ones during the holiday season. (Or if you have unvaccinated children that you would like to take to a gathering.) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes these safety guidelines, which you probably already know by heart: Wear a mask and ask those who are not vaccinated to wear masks as much as possible. Do your best to keep several feet away when you spot it. Ask your guests to get tested in advance, and even try to hold the gathering outside, if time permits, where you will be. These recommendations can seem boring and cumbersome to follow, especially at this point in the pandemic. But they are still important.

Although COVID-19 infections have declined in recent weeks, the rate of decline has slowed, as SELF previously reported. And a potential increase in infection also has consequences for those vaccinated. “As that increase happens, and you get more infections and more infection momentum spreads in the community, it would put even the vaccinated more at risk,” explained Dr Fauci. The more the infection spreads in a community, the more likely a vaccinated person is to come into contact with it, potentially get a breakthrough COVID-19 case, and possibly continue to spread the virus to others.

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