Throughout Covid, the Fortunes of Billionaires Doubled (And the Remainder of the World Received Impoverished).


Despite the aid, the French have suffered a lot because of the Covid…

Many have lost their jobs or seen their pay cut.

Not to mention all the small traders who had to go out of business.

While everyone is suffering, the super rich have gotten richer at breakneck speed.

A historical enrichment

The Covid pandemic has not been experienced in the same way for everyone.

If the vast majority of people have seen their standard of living drop, the ultra rich have become richer than ever.

Their fortune has increased by 5000 billion dollars in 19 months to reach 13.800 billion dollars!

This is unheard of…

This is the largest increase ever recorded.

Who are these billionaires?

Among the billionaires who hit the jackpot during the pandemic, there are of course the 10 richest people in the world.

According to Forbes magazine, which establishes a ranking of the wealthiest people on the planet, there are in the top 3:

– Elon Musk (Tesla)

-Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

– Bernard Arnaud (LVMH).

Then follow:

-Bill Gates (Microsoft)

– Marck Zuckerberg (Meta/Facebook),

– Warren Buffett (Bershire Hathaway)

-Larry Elisson (Oracle).

According to Oxfam, the fortunes of these men have doubled since the start of the pandemic…

While the incomes of 99% of the rest of the world have drastically decreased.

And in France ?

It should not be thought that France is an exception.

Far from there !

According to Oxfam, the fortune of French billionaires increased by 236 billion euros from March 2020 to October 2021.

This represents an increase of 86%.

Want to know the best in all of this?

It is that the fortune of these French billionaires has increased faster in 19 months of pandemic than in 10 years.

The first 5 fortunes of France thus carve out the lion’s share.

They pocketed a raise of 173 billion euros in 19 months.

To get an idea, you should know that their fortune has increased « only » by 231 billion euros between 2009 and 2019, or 10 years.

It is therefore the jackpot for Bernard Arnaud, Françoise-Meyers Bettencourt, François Pinault and Alain and Gérad Wertheimer.

These 5 French people own as much as the 40% of the poorest French people.

According to the NGO, 173 billion is also approximately what the French state spent to deal with the Covid crisis.

Oxfam points out that this further increase in wealth “would be enough money to quadruple the public hospital budget…

…or distribute a check for 3500 euros to each French person. »

And she also recalls that in France, 10% of the population needs food aid (i.e. 7 million) and 4 million additional people are in a vulnerable situation following the Covid crisis.

Progressive taxation?

The problem for Oxfam is that inequality kills.

According to her, « increasing economic, gender and racial inequalities and inequalities between countries are destroying our world ».

According to her, at least 21,000 people die every day because of lack of access to healthcare, gender-based violence, hunger or the climate crisis.

But she adds that poverty can be overcome through progressive taxation and free healthcare systems for all.

« A exceptional tax 99% of the pandemic income of the 10 richest men would produce enough vaccines for the world, provide universal social and medical protection, fund climate adaptation and reduce gender-based violence in 80 countries « .

And to conclude:

« Billionaires had a tremendous pandemic. Central banks pumped trillions of dollars into financial markets to save the economy, many of which ended up in the pockets of billionaires. »

Your turn…

And you, has your income suffered during the pandemic? Tell us in the comments if your standard of living has dropped. We can’t wait to read you!

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