Simple suggestions for locating the right mattress


We sometimes tend to forget that we spend almost a third of our life in bed. However, for most people, getting quality sleep is an often overlooked part of their well-being, resulting in several health complications. Fortunately, there are many innovative options available in the market for mattresses that can greatly help improve the quality of sleep. Read on for some simple tips on finding the perfect mattress.

Know your size

You don’t necessarily need to buy a replacement mattress that is the same size as your old one. Alternatively, you can save some space in the bedroom and save money by opting for a queen or full size mattress. Think about your current lifestyle before making your purchase.

Try before you buy

Yes, it’s annoying, but you have to lie down and try the mattress. There is no substitute for this step, so lie down fully, curl up in your preferred sleeping position, roll side to side, stand as if you are reading in bed, and sit up on the edge of the mattress to check its firmness.

Learn about returns and trial periods

Even if you’ve tried the mattress in the store, the important test comes after a whole night – or a week, or a month – of sleeping on it. This is why most mattress dealers offer a “comfort trial” period which is usually around 30 days during which you can return the mattress.

How much do you like it firm?

The mattress industry does not have a uniform measure of mattress firmness. This means that one manufacturer’s “business” could be another manufacturer’s “additional business”. So be sure to take this into account when preselecting options.

Mattress topper: yes or no?

Pillowtop mattresses have become quite fashionable lately, but the plush comfort adds a bit to the cost. Keep in mind that a mattress topper is likely to lose its firmness long before your mattress gives way, especially if you are heavy.

Budget generously

A good mattress doesn’t come cheap, but health and quality sleep are priceless. While you should never go far beyond what you can afford, make sure that what you choose gives you the rejuvenation and rest you need.

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