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Long put aside, the butternut squash has been making a strong comeback in recent years. Indeed, the one that also bears the appropriate name of doubeurre reinvents itself in 1001 surprising recipes. As a result, many are those who embark on the discovery of this very popular cucurbit. With its pretty curves that are reminiscent of a pear, it invites itself into our soups and our gratins… and even into sweet recipes! In addition, it goes very well with seasonal dishes, fruits and vegetables. It is therefore difficult to resist a butternut velouté accompanied by coconut milk, curry, cumin, chestnuts, red lentils and/or sweet potato. However, before enjoying its delicious taste, you still have to manage to reach it! And like squash, pumpkin or squash, butternut squash is not easy to peel.

When you cut it in half to deseed it and garnish it, everything is fine. However, nothing goes when it comes to peeling it. His thick skin is indeed very tough. Fortunately, there is a trick to peel your butternut more easily.

What it takes to peel this squash:

  • A good knife and fork
  • And a sharp peeler if you don’t peel with the knife!
  • A microwave

The steps to peel your butternut:

1) To start, cut the ends of your butternut squash. Then use the fork to poke holes all over its surface.

2) Then pass your butternut in the microwave for three minutes. Here, opt for the highest heat of your device. Rest assured, with its protective skin and this limited heating time, you will not destroy all of its nutrients !

butternut peel peel microwave
YouTube capture of the LL C channel

3) Following this, you will notice that the skin will be much more supple. So you can move on to peeling. However, since it will be hot, wait a bit for it to cool or use a clean cloth to hold your squash without burning yourself.

And There you go ! You have a method to easily peel a butternut squash. In addition, this delicious squash with an almost sweet flavor will also be easier to cut into cubes or strips, because it makes its flesh smoother. Whether your recipe calls for small chunks or large chunks, this is a great trick.

An alternative technique for those who don’t have a microwave or don’t want to use it:

second technique for peeling a butternut
YouTube capture of the Quitoque channel

Without a microwave, it’s immediately less easy. However, it is not impossible! What is needed is to have good tools that cut well and a bit of elbow grease. As before, remove the ends of the squash. Then we cut it in the middle. Once separated in two, we take care of peeling the elongated part, then the more fleshy part!

Little bonus information: how to choose the right butternut when buying?

Regarding the size, we prefer a butternut that measures between 20 and 30 centimeters high and whose base is about 12 cm in diameter. Also, favor a squash with a nice smooth creamy skin without brown stains or cracks. Finally, the best squashes are those that have kept part of their stem. In fact, it allows them to dehydrate more slowly. That’s it… it’s up to you! You have all the cards in hand.

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