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Enjoy TV commercials

We all know the average commercial break is 2 minutes and 22 seconds. So the next time you watch the latest episode of your favorite show, keep a jump rope nearby.

Instead of looking for popcorn or sips of soda during commercial breaks, get up and jump rope for 2:22. I timed it, jumping during one hour TV commercials adds up quickly. My pedometer counted just over 2,000 steps!

Walk whenever possible

If you have limited time for daily exercise, indulge yourself and try taking a few walks in your day. I plan to walk during my lunch hour and then eat my sandwich at my desk while I work.

I also park further from building entrances to take a few extra steps and go to my local grocery store to pick up milk and eggs, rather than walking the 3 blocks.
According to studies from Arizona State University, sneaking up a few 10- to 15-minute walks over the course of a day can really add up and still promote healthy blood pressure.

Do weights homework once a week!

Many of us (myself included) are overwhelmed when we commit to too many training priorities. For example, you don’t need to run every morning and take a resistance training class (i.e. hot yoga, body pump, TRX) every day of the week.

Instead, take the pressure off yourself when you’re under time constraints. Research from the University of Alabama, Birmingham shows that during hectic times, resistance training once a week (or once every 7 days) will ensure you maintain muscle and tone over periods of time. short and loaded.

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