Everybody Caught by Man Who Helps Passenger Calm Child on Airplane


The touching photo of a passenger soothing a mom passenger’s crying baby on a plane is getting lots of love around the world.

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Monica Nelson, of Georgia, was on a flight to Minneapolis with her 20-month-old son Luke. As Luke kept crying, another passenger approached to help calm the baby.

« From the start of the flight, the nice gentleman next to me entertained Luke and kept him laughing the whole time, » Ms Nelson wrote in an email to ABC News.

Another passenger, Andrea Byrd, took the photo and shared it on Facebook courtesy of Monica Nelson.

The man, whose first name is Reid, told Monica Nelson he had two children of his own, she said. He then walked with Luke for 15 minutes down the aisle until he fell soundly asleep.

« I was truly grateful and couldn’t have asked for more if my own husband was sitting next to me, » Ms Nelson said.

Source: Dailymail

Another passenger, Andrea Byrd, took the photo and shared it on Facebook, where it was shared by more than 95,000 people.

Byrd was in flight with her eldest son when she saw Reid comforting Nelson’s baby.

“It really warmed my heart because my son had just lost his father,” Ms Byrd told ABC News. “It was so good to see that and I had never seen anything like it before. It gave me confidence that everything would be fine. That’s when I took the photo. It was a beautiful moment on the plane.

Good to know: how to calm a crying baby according to pediatricians?

Pediatricians recommend creating a soothing atmosphere to help calm a crying baby. This may mean turning off the lights, reducing noise, and swaddling the baby in a warm blanket. If the baby is hungry or the diaper is uncomfortable, attend to those needs first. Rocking and rocking can also be comforting for babies, as can singing, talking softly and giving a pacifier. If the baby is still crying after meeting these needs, a stroll in a stroller or carrier can help calm him down. Keeping your own calm will also be beneficial, as babies can pick up negative energy from their parents or caregiver.


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