Details all males ought to learn about coronary heart illness


Symptoms of stroke

A stroke usually affects only one side of your body, with numbness and / or weakness in your face, arm, or leg, explains Healthline. A stroke can also cause confusion, difficulty verbalizing words, or sudden changes in vision, he adds.

Stroke, which shares many of the same risk factors as heart disease, can also be accompanied by a « severe headache, » the source adds. Since these stroke symptoms can occur without warning, it’s important to call 911 as soon as possible if you see the telltale signs.

Heart disease diagnosis

Finding heart disease in a patient often begins with a physical exam, Explain Medical News Today. During the exam, your doctor will ask you questions about possible symptoms and identify your risk factors for heart disease, he adds.

After the physical exam, a doctor may order additional tests such as a stress test to see how your heart responds to different levels of activity, the source explains. Healthcare professionals may also use imaging scans (commonly known as coronary angiography) to check for blockages in blood vessels and determine their exact location. « The method for this is invasive but should not be painful, » says the source.

Long-term outlook

Unfortunately, according to Healthline, about 50% of men who die from heart disease don’t even know they have it. However, with a heart attack or stroke, what happens next depends heavily on getting treated early, the source says. “Your ability to recover from any of these events depends on how quickly you receive treatment for them,” he explains.

This means that you should see a doctor if you are concerned about having any of the above symptoms, as it can be difficult to know for sure if you are having a heart attack. See your doctor for check-ups even when you’re healthy, the source adds.

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