Woman survives automobile crash, listens to story instructed by pleasant firefighter


It cannot be said enough: without the many anonymous aid workers who work around the world, we would not be able to do it. In a society that puts the rich and famous on a pedestal, it’s important to remember who the real heroes are.

Fireman Ryan

Ryan Benton falls into the latter category. This firefighter from the state of Montana, in the United States, had been called upon with his team following a car accident.

The accident involved a little girl who miraculously emerged from the car crash almost unscathed. While rescuers attended to the other occupants, Ryan sat on the sidewalk with the girl.

According to Allie Marie Schmalz, who took the beautiful photo, he gave her a bag of goodies and pulled out a book donated by a good cause for exactly this kind of case. With his flashlight to help him, he began to read to the girl. There, very calmly, together on the sidewalk, at the very spot of the disaster.

« I am so proud »

Ms Schmalz posted the photo on Facebook and since then the striking image has been covered by media around the world. She admitted posting the photo to give rescuers the credit they deserve, as they still get far too little.

The firefighter’s wife, Katy Benton, reacted ecstatically to the message: « He saw her. [la photo] ! I am his wife. Thank you for the message ! It makes me so proud to see such scenes! !! « .

« I’m just doing my job »

Local news channel KTVQ tried to squeeze more inspiring words from the hero in question, but Ryan didn’t need them. His colleague Cameron Abell said Ryan is a very humble man who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight for doing his job. « He’s probably going to kill me now that I put him in the spotlight, » Cameron concluded.

Again, not all superheroes wear a cape!

Great job, Ryan! Acting in such a situation is fundamentally not so obvious.

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