Good or dangerous concept ?


If many French people do not see themselves starting the day without a good cup of coffee, others are more addicted to a small glass of very fresh fruit juice in the morning to wake up. In our imagination, these fruit-based drinks are indeed good for your health. We hear very regularly, and this, for several years, that we should consume five fruits and vegetables per day. Also, we turn very willingly to products that contain it to stay healthy and fill up with good nutrients. However, is it really a good idea? As we will see in this article, this little habit that we think is beneficial for our body is actually not that much…

Drinking fruit juice in the morning: why you should avoid it

As much to say it right away: fruit juices absolutely do not provide the nutritional benefits of a real fruit. Whether industrial (pure, nectar, concentrate, etc.) or homemade, they are stuffed with sugar. We tend to criticize sodas a lot (rightly), without knowing that fruit juices contain just as much, if not more. These fruity liquids therefore explode your blood sugar levels and expose you to the risk of cavities. Even if your brick is stamped “no added sugar”, your orange juice or multivitamin remains a sugary drink that in no way replaces a portion of fruit.

In addition, commercial juices undergo pasteurization processes which allow their preservation, but which destroy their vitamins and minerals. Add to that the fragility of vitamin C and their poverty in essential dietary fiber for your intestinal transit, and you get a almost zero nutritional intake with this type of drink. Finally, unlike a whole fruit, its juice will not make you feel full.

fruit juice
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Studies highlight their harmfulness…

Several studies have highlighted the danger of this type of drink if abused. Adverse effects have been demonstrated on our blood pressure and this type of beverage can significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. In 2019, a study published in the journal Jama Network Open established that consuming more than one drink a day could be particularly harmful. The researchers had more precisely concluded that the consumption of two glasses caused a 11% increase in mortality.

How to choose the right fruit juice and consume it well?

You will have understood: whether it is in the morning when you wake up or at snack time, fruit juice is far from being a healthy drink. This does not mean that you should deprive yourself of it! Consumed once in a while for a little fun as part of a balanced and varied diet, they already represent less of a danger. However, they are to be avoided in the context of regular or even daily consumption.

Whether you decide to change your habits or not, you can in any case make sure to choose your juice well. To do this, look at the label :
-The term “pure juice” designates a pressed fruit juice.
-“Concentrate” involves freezing and mixing with water. You will therefore certainly not find as many vitamins as in a pressed fruit.
-As for nectars, they are very low in fruit and highly processed. It contains thickeners, water and lots of sugars.

fruit juice smoothie
Credits: Pixabay/Silviarita

In view of these explanations, you understand that the “better” from a nutritional point of view is the pure juice bought in the fresh section. Although it is much more expensive and it remains a processed product (preservatives, etc.) and very sweet, it is indeed the one that will provide the most vitamins. Nevertheless, nothing beats eating the whole fruit to fill up with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

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