Wholesome Father’s Day Actions for Dad and Me


Dad is often the guy you sit down with to watch a big game or have a few drinks while cooking up some goodies on the barbecue. However, as Father’s Day approaches, there are other ways you might consider appreciating your dad while being active. There is nothing quite like bonding in the great outdoors, or even watching the game on TV and playing sports with Dad by your side.

Here are eight healthy Father’s Day activities to consider that dad will probably enjoy …

To take a walk

Take a camera, some water, and set aside a few hours for a long nature walk with dad. It’s a great way to remember the good old days, as your dad probably took you on nature walks when you were a kid.

Walking is good, low-impact exercise for you and your dad, and the fresh air and movement will benefit you both mentally and physically. If your dad isn’t someone who walks the trails regularly, you might want to go for a more manageable route in terms of length and terrain.

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