Listed below are 10 workouts to tone your butt if you happen to’re 40 or older


Staying in shape and having a healthy lifestyle has nothing to do with age, it is something that you cannot give up even if you are 30, 40 or 50 years old, you just have to keep in mind. mind that you have to modify the routines a little according to the needs of your body, perhaps with the passage of the years are more needs, but also should be even more care that you need to take.

That’s why we invite you to listen to your body to give it what it needs to stay fit and healthy. For example, it’s likely that when you’re 40 or older you won’t maintain the same strength you had at 20 in your legs and buttocks, but that doesn’t mean you can keep toning those areas. this is why we are going to show you here 10 exercises that you can continue to do to tone your butt even if you are 40 years or older.


Squats are an ideal exercise, very simple but at the same time essential for strengthening the muscles of your buttocks, it is only important that you keep in mind that you should always do them while maintaining a favorable posture for your spine, which would be with your back straight. For this it is enough to stand with the legs shoulder width apart and bend the knees, so that the body lowers to let the weight fall on the legs and buttocks, then we go back up and do several repetitions.

2- Lifting the buttocks

Glute lifting is one of the exercises that works the most in this area of ​​your body. You will therefore lie on the ground, on your back, with your arms at your sides, then you will raise your knees so that your feet are supported. From there, you’re going to lift your hips as high as possible and you’re going to do several reps like this.

3- The slots

Lunges will also require you to bend your knees and carefully lower yourself down, always keeping your back straight. So you will stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, bring one of your legs back and lower yourself by bending your knees, one knee in front, while the back knee will be as close to the ground as possible.

4-lifting the heels

The heel lift is a very simple exercise but it allows you to tone several muscles, you just need to stand up with your back straight and take an impulse to raise your heels and stay on your tiptoes, then lower them and come back up, you will do several repetitions.

5-The board

The front plank is one of the most complete exercises out there, as it can tone almost any muscle in the body, including the gluteal muscles. You’re going to do this on the floor, face down, supporting only your forearms and the tips of your toes, so that the rest of your body is elevated for as long as you can.

6-Lifting the buttocks on one foot

This exercise is similar to the glute lift, but it has an additional element that increases the degree of difficulty. You will lie on your back on the floor and raise your knees so that the soles of your feet are supported. Then you will lift one leg and with the leg in the air you will do the butt lift, you will do several repetitions with the same leg and then change sides.

7- Tone your buttocks in depth

This is another very simple exercise that will not only tone your glutes but also strengthen your legs. You are going to do it on the floor by pressing the palms of your hands and your knees, in this position you are going to lift one of your legs by kicking as high as possible, you will do different repetitions with that leg and then you do it with the other.

8- Steps on an object

For this exercise, you will need a box, a chair, a bench or even one of your stairs, because standing, you will go up and down several times, alternating your feet. In other words, you raise your right foot, raise your left foot, lower your right foot, lower your left foot, you will do several reps like that.

9- lifting the knees

Knee lifts will be great for your glutes, legs, and abs. You just need to stand with your back straight and legs slightly apart, then raise one of your knees as high as you can, then lower it and do the same with the other, you will do several reps like this.

10- climbers

For climbers, you will put yourself in the position of an athlete who is about to run, with your hands on the ground and your toes, but one of your knees will be bent to get as close to your chest as possible, while the other is stretched out behind, then you are going to make a change, you are going to lower and straighten the leg from the bent knee and you are going to raise the other knee, this way you can do different repetitions until you get a good rhythm .

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