Listed below are 10 warming important oils for this winter


Winter is currently in full swing and between the wind, the rain and even the snow, the cold is harshly reminding us at every moment. When we don’t have the tip of our nose frozen, it’s through our cold feet or our whole shivering body that we realize the discomfort of the situation. To avoid getting cold and catching cold, we then resort to various tactics and tricks. However, we rarely use plant essences, which are very useful in this period thanks to their circulatory properties. Discover with us these 10 warming essential oils for this winter.

1) Lavender essential oil among the warming essential oils

lavender essential oil
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Lavender essential oil has a thousand and one virtues. Among the least known is, for example, that of warming us up! Indeed, this sweet concentrated oil with the sweet smell of Provence is rich in ketones, compounds that will act gently on our circulatory system to allow a gradual warming of the organism. For this use, it will be used mainly in massage in a 5% dilution.

2) Ravintsara essential oil

ravintsara essential oil
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Essential in winter, ravintsara essential oil not only clears the airways and boosts our immune system! We can indeed dilute it before inducing our extremities (feet and hands) to give a small boost to our blood circulation. This allows you to warm up almost immediately.

3) Wintergreen essential oil

wintergreen essential oil
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It is very often used in case of joint or muscle pain (especially for sports injuries), and this is explained by the instant heat sensation that it provides. Diluted at 5% and massaged gently on cooled areas, it allows you to find a little comfort.

4) Eucalyptus essential oil

eucalyptus leaves essential oil
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Very popular during the autumn-winter to decongest the respiratory tract, the essential oil helps to relax the muscles and warm them up. It is used here in local application, combined with essential oil of camphor rosemary and lemon eucalyptus. Be sure to dilute everything to 10% in a vegetable oil to limit irritation associated with the use of a pure essential oil.

5) Cypress essential oil

Cypress essential oil
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Cypress essential oil is very commonly used to combat the feeling of heavy legs. This is due to its power blood circulation activator. We can however consider another use, this time to warm frozen places (hands, feet, etc.). For an immediate sensation of heat, dilute this oil to 20% in vegetable oil and apply it to the areas to be treated.

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