Listed below are some tricks to preserve your rosemary smelling good!


Rosemary is one of the most popular plants! It is usually placed in a pot on the balcony or window sill, from where it intoxicates the whole house with its scent.

But over time, rosemary can lose its natural scent, taking on a weaker smell or, in some cases, losing it altogether.

What should be done in such cases?

Usually, rosemary gives off its lovely scent when the plant is fresh and vibrant.

So here are the secrets to keep it flourishing and smelling better than ever!

Warning: if you have any doubts or concerns, ask your florist or gardener for advice.

The right amount of water

The right amount of water is essential for healthy, fragrant leaves.

Water when the soil is dry: more often in summer and very rarely in winter.

Avoid getting the branches and leaves wet when watering: this could lead to the development of disease or mold.

Take care of the soil

The soil in which you plant your rosemary is very important to keep the plant lush and fragrant.

In general, this aromatic plant adapts to all types of soil. However, it much prefers alkaline soils.

Also, remember that well-drained soil is essential to prevent waterlogging and root rot.

To avoid this, you can put pebbles at the bottom of the pot to facilitate drainage.

Keep in the sun

Place your seedling in a very bright place: rosemary needs sunlight to stay fragrant and healthy.

If you keep it on a window sill, choose a window facing south.

If the branches start to get too thin and the leaves dry out, immediately move them to a brighter place.

Protect it in winter

Is the cold weather coming? Keep this plant away from the cold.

Although it is hardy, rosemary does not like freezing temperatures.

If you keep it on your balcony, you need to bring it inside in the winter.

If you can’t, cover it with tarps to protect it from the cold.

Keep it warm

This plant tolerates low temperatures well.

If possible, store it at a temperature above 20 ° C.

However, when the temperature is below 15 ° C, rosemary can lose its lovely smell.

Prune once a year

Pruning rosemary does not weaken the plant, on the contrary!

Once a year, after the flowering period, prune this plant by removing the small branches at the base.

Protect it from parasites

Rosemary is an extremely resistant plant, but it can sometimes be attacked by certain pests.

It is obvious that rosemary is more susceptible to attack if it is kept on the balcony but it is very easy to protect it.

Just use a few drops of Neem oil. The effect will be twofold: this oil will ward off pests and strengthen the fragrance of the plant.

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