Here is how one can clear the washer filter rapidly


After washing your clothes, do you notice that the spinning is not working properly? Is there water in the drum of your washing machine? Is your washing machine not washing your clothes properly? Does your washing machine smell bad? All of these problems can be caused by a clogged and dirty filter that needs a thorough cleaning.

Here’s how to clean your washing machine filter and prevent possible faults and leaks from your washing machine.

Fibers, lint, small and thin socks, fine laundry, hairpins, and even coins can build up in your washing machine’s filters and block its operation.

To avoid future breakdowns or improperly washed clothes, it is necessary to check the washing machine filter and clean it at least once every six months, depending on the model. The cleaning supplies you will need are: bleach to remove mold, vinegar to remove calcifications from the filter, and soap to clean the washing machine drawer.

Here are the steps to clean the filter of a front-loading washing machine (most common) and the filter of a top-loading washing machine (common in countries in the Americas).

Cleaning the filter of a front-loading washing machine

To clean the filter of a front-loading washing machine, you must first locate it, then open it carefully, remove any water and anything that might clog it.

Depending on the model of your washing machine, the zone will be different. To know how to locate the washing machine filter, it is best to read the manual of the device.

Here’s how to clean it:

Locate the filter

In almost all front-loading models (Bosch, Balay, Beko, Candy, Edesa, among others) the filter is located at the bottom right. It is usually covered with a cover that opens and gives access to the filter.

Open the filter

Once you have located the filter, have a container handy for the water that will come out. If you see a small pipe when you open the cover, remove it and open the cover. You will soon see water coming out of the hose.

Clean the filter

Unscrew the cover and remove the filter. If the filter has not been cleaned for a long time, lint, hair and all kinds of dirt will come out. There may even be mold or lime stains.

If it is moldy, soak the filter in water. Javel or ammonia for 10 minutes. Bleach is the best product for removing fungi and other bacteria, although liquid ammonia is also great for this task.

Then clean the filter with a recycled toothbrush that you no longer use. Remember to use gloves if you are using these cleaning products.

If you have lime, soak the filter in hot water with white vinegar added for 30 minutes. Likewise, remove any dirt that may be on the filter.

Clean the filter location

You should also clean the part where the filter is located. Since it is not very accessible, it is advisable to use a toothbrush to remove dirt.

With this tool you can also remove any socks or coins that accumulate in this part.

If it is moldy, soak a cloth in bleach and insert it to remove fungi and microorganisms. After removing all the dirt, put the filter back in place and close it tightly.

You can also use this time to clean the washing machine box or to clean the inside of the washing machine (including the drum and rubber).

Cleaning the filter of a top-loading washing machine

If your washing machine is a top loader, you need to be careful when opening the filter. The filters are often filled with grains, lint and hairs that come off clothes during washing.

After several washes, the filter fills with lint, so it is important to clean it more frequently.

Here’s how to clean it

Locate the filter

The filters are located inside the washing machine, next to the drum. You will need to press on a part that holds the filter to release it. Then remove the filter for cleaning.

Clean the filter

After removing the filter, it’s time to open the filter to remove the lint inside. To do this, tap a notch to open it. Once opened, remove all grains, hairs and lint that come off the laundry.

You can use a soft bristle brush and plenty of hot water to clean it. You can also use a mixture of water and white vinegar. You can even clean it with pressurized water. After cleaning it thoroughly, allow it to dry before putting it back.

As you can see, it is easy to clean the washing machine filter. It’s even easier to clean the inside of the dishwasher and get rid of its bad smell by using basic household products like white vinegar or baking soda.

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