This is How To Make Pine Cones Owls Simply.


I have exactly what you need : dowls in pine cones.

In this tutorial, I show you how to make 3 kinds of adorable little owls.

However, nothing prevents you from mixing the models to create your own unique little characters.

Follow the tutorial below to find out how to easily make these cute little decorations:

What you need

– Pine cones

– From felt in different colors

– From pipe cleaners brown

– A glue gun

– A pair of scissors

How to do

1. Prepare your materials.

felt of different colors, pine cones, glue to make decorative owls

2. Cut out the pieces of felt.

Cut out the felt pieces to make decorative owls

3. Glue the pieces to make the wings and faces.

The pieces of felt are ready to be glued

4. Glue the heads and wings on the pine cones

the pieces of felt are assembled on the pine cones

5. Cut small pieces of pipe cleaners to make the feet.

brown pipe cleaners are cut to make owls' feet

5. Glue the feet on the pine cones.

Owls' feet are stuck under pine cones


The owls made of pine cones and felt to decorate the tree are finished

And there you go, your little felt owls and pine cones are already ready 🙂

Easy, quick and so cute, don’t you think? And kids love to participate in these easy DIYs!

Felt is a great material for making crafts with children. If you haven’t bought one before, don’t hesitate!

You can print shapes to cut the felt more easily.

This wool blend is pleasant to the touch, easy to cut and looks great when you’re done.

You can easily add a string or ribbon to the head of your owls so that you can hang them from the branches of your Christmas tree.

Your turn…

Have you tried making these little pine cone owls? Tell us in the comments if you were successful. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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