here is tips on how to make them comfortable once more


Summer and winter alike, you should take care of your feet and keep them hydrated. With friction, wearing shoes and inadequate soles, walking barefoot and limescale to which we add the lack of care, they dry out and harden. For the beauty of the feet and against dryness, there are no 36 solutions: you need a good exfoliation and a moisturizer for dry skin. To transform your dry heels, we suggest you go straight into the kitchen! Catch what it takes to nourish, hydrate and repair them in depth with this trick that is more effective than a lambda nourishing foot cream. This foot treatment will also provide relief from painful calluses and cracks without going to the podiatrist.

By the way, take the opportunity to test our lemony trick to soften rough heels and soften the skin of very damaged dry feet.

What’s needed :

  • Olive oil
  • Compresses

Steps :

1) First, pour some oil into a container. Then put it all in the microwave for ten seconds to cool it down.

2) Next, impregnate a compress with the oil and rub it on your heels. Take the time to massage for a more restorative effect.

3) Repeat daily, massaging well in circular motions for best results on any calluses present on the arch of the foot. Beautiful feet and soft skin guaranteed!

Note that this simple technique also works on other rough areas of the body. For example, this includes the knees or the elbows! Better than a commercial repair cream, olive oil will eliminate dry skin in no time. Very nourishing and moisturizing, it heals painful cracks and calluses while promoting their healing. Also, do not hesitate to remove dead skin with an exfoliant or a pumice stone. Every day, you can also use a moisturizer rich in urea, vegetable oils (sweet almond oil, argan oil, coconut oil), glycerin or shea butter under heavy cotton socks. A foot bath before foot care is also recommended for relieve and soften the skin of the feet. It is therefore also very effective in promoting the absorption of moisturizers.

Good pedicure to you with these natural tips for your pretty tired feet!

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