This is how one can train your little one to behave effectively in 7 days


Nowadays, children are spending more and more time in front of their screens. Some parents believe that this goes with the times and the development of educational methods.

Others think it is a real poison for their children and do their best to fight against these bad habits.

Whatever your opinion on this, one thing is certain: today children are more and more aggressive. We can also see that the lack of politeness is omnipresent.

Is it due to the time spent in front of the screen? In part … But only in part. While it is true that phone, computer or television screens are not good for a child’s cognitive development, it cannot be blamed all on technology.

After all, who showed the child what a screen is? Who gives him permission to spend all his time in front of his phone? Hmm… Here are some questions to think about.

On the other hand, it can be clearly said that the new generations are very different from the old ones. Education is much more lax and children have become kings.

It is as if there is no longer an authoritarian or parental figure in the house. We try to be the friend of our children, forgetting that they are not the friends they need.

Who is guilty?

After all, they can make friends at nursery or school. No, what they need is a mother and father to show them the way.

Unfortunately, the reason education is so different today is simply because parents have much less time to spend with their children.

Generally speaking, women used to stay at home to take care of their children, whereas today both partners work.

The lifestyle has become so expensive and so fast. We go through work, obligations, homework and meals and we don’t have a lot of time to relax and talk with our children.

Everything is going very fast. And we are so tired that we do not see the harm in giving to his child, the phone for 30 minutes to be able to rest a little.

But those 30 minutes often turn into hours. And when the time comes to confiscate the phones, chaos sets in.

Indeed, the cries, the tears and the fits of anger replace the calm which reigned a few minutes ago. So how can you fight the rudeness and hysteria of your children?

Apart from limiting the time spent in front of a screen, what can you change in your habits?

Here are seven golden tips that will help you tackle your children’s rude and violent behavior.

1. Stay positive

Supporting kids and pointing fingers at activities they’re good at is super good for their self-esteem. In addition, it is very important for them to feel understood and appreciated.

So when your child is successful in doing something, show him that you are proud of him. For example, when he writes his first name for the first time or clears the table.

Application: If you have more than one child, encourage siblings to work together and support each other. Thanks to this, you will create an environment in which each of your children will feel safe and supported. So when you aren’t around to applaud the successes of one of your children, their siblings will.

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