Here is What Life Appears to be like Like BEFORE and AFTER 30.


« If you’re over 30, that means you’re already old!« 

This is what I believed hard as iron, when i was 20.

But today, I passed the famous threshold of thirties and my opinion has changed a lot…

Now, I think the older you get, the more things change.

And no, I’m not just talking about our physique!

Everything changes, including our attitudes and our way of seeing things.

For example, family, health, money and many other things.

As a result, what seems very important to us at 20 is no longer so at 30… And vice versa!

Here is 9 Drawings That Perfectly Show What Life Looks Like Before and After Your Thirties. Look :

1. A typical evening before and after 30

A woman who wears makeup before and brushes her teeth afterwards

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