Here is Why You Ought to No Longer Depart Bottles In Your Automobile.


I often tended to leave bottles lying around in my car …

Yes, this banal gesture can be the cause of serious accidents.

The bottle can easily roll up and slide in under the brake pedal.

Result, it prevents you from braking! Impossible to stop …

Now you understand why it is so dangerous. Look :

1. A real danger

A water bottle stuck under the brake pedal

Be careful, leaving a bottle in your car can represent mortal danger in certain circumstances.

Many of us slip a bottle under the driver’s seat.

That’s a very bad idea…

Because imagine that the bottle starts to roll following a brake application or a sudden maneuver.

She can move around easily and find herself quickly under the brake or accelerator pedal !

You will then be unable to brake or accelerate.

You will have to press very very hard on the pedal to stop your vehicle.

And those precious wasted seconds can be fatal.

Likewise, if you try to clear the bottle, you lose focus.

And there is a very high probability that you will take your gaze off the road for a few seconds.

THE’accident is never far away!

This is what explains the Official page police in Malaysia.

Here is their caveat:

“A lot of people have a habit of keeping water bottles either under the driver’s seat or the passenger’s seat.

Yet they should know that this is an obviously dangerous practice.

Because it suffices that you lose control of your vehicle for a short time so that the bottle (no matter if it is 250ml or 1.5 liter) is found behind your accelerator or brake pedal.

If ever such a thing happened, pressing will not help you since you will need to exert a lot of pressure before you can release the pedal. « 

The danger exists with small and large bottles, cans or thermos.

2. Use suitable storage for your bottle

Storage for bottles in a car

That being said, keeping a bottle in the car is a good habit to have.

It is one of the essential things to keep in your car at all times.

It is very practical to hydrate of course.

But it’s also handy for cleaning a stain on the seat, rinsing your hands full of grease, or replacing the coolant a short distance away.

Provided that to store it in the space provided for this purpose in your car.

Most cars now have bottle holders or cup holders.

It is therefore the ideal place to put your water bottle or can.

If it does not fit in this space, store it carefully in the drawer under the passenger seat.

Some cars are equipped with it.

You can also install a empty pocket or one car organizer to safely store your bottle.

Some models are installed behind the seats, others clip on.

Finally nothing prevents you from putting it in your trunk in a storage adapted.

It doesn’t matter what you choose. It is just necessary that the bottle is well immobilized …

And that it cannot roll under the driving pedals!

3. Other safety rules

A person buckles his seat belt

Of course, this is not the only rule of road safety that must be applied to drive safely!

As a reminder, here are some ground rules that we must not forget:

– Put on your seat belt

– Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

– Observe the speed limits.

– Do not overtake on the right

– Do not perform dangerous overtaking

– Do not be distracted

– Do not use your cell phone

– Observe the highway code and signage: red light, prohibited direction …

– Adopt eco-driving to save gasoline and therefore money. Think about it!

Your turn…

And you, do you usually leave bottles lying around in the car? Tell us in the commentary where you store your water bottle in the car. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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