Home made tonic to develop hair


“I lose hair everyday and I don’t know what to do”. « Tell me what to do for my thin hair. » “My hair doesn’t seem to grow”. Do you not hear such questions echoing all around you? Yes, the level of pollution in cities today can really take its toll on our hair.

But the point is, most people who complain about hair issues don’t do anything to take care of their strands in the first place! Most do not have the basic knowledge to take care of their hair. So I decided to share my secret to long and healthy hair with you today!

Where did I hear about this homemade hair tonic?

About 3 years ago I had this sudden passion to grow my hair long and was listening to any advice on hair growth. A friend of mine passed me this recipe, and assured me it worked. She had gotten this magic potion (so to speak) from a hairdresser at the Lakme salon. And it worked like magic for my hair!

Hair tonic to grow hair:

What do you need ?

Mustard oil, fenugreek seeds and of course you have to know how to work with the stove!

What to do ?

Take about half a liter of mustard oil.

Pour everything into a saucepan which will be heated later.

Take fenugreek seeds. (You don’t need to make it in the shape of a heart like in the picture)

Place half of the amount in the photo in the pan containing the oil.

Turn on the stove and place the pan containing the oil on low heat. Do not boil the oil by keeping it on high heat. Wait for the seeds to slowly darken. It will take about 10 to 15 minutes.

Now turn off the heat and set the pan aside for about 30 minutes, allowing the oil to cool.

After this time, sift the oil into a bottle or other preferable storage container. Discard the seeds.

You can clearly see the difference in the color of the oil. Mustard oil is usually golden in color and turns blackish with fenugreek oil after heating it with the seeds. The scent also changes; you can recognize the essence of fenugreek by sniffing the oil.

There you go, your very own homemade hair regrowth tonic!

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