How are you going to forestall your waders from slipping? 6 suggestions that maintain!


Thigh high boots are high boots that extend to the knee. This fashionable piece helps to highlight the legs and goes just as well with pants as a skirt or sweater dress. In short, it’s a staple of the fall-winter wardrobe. However, sometimes the model is a bit wide or does not adhere well to the skin or tights. As a result, over the course of the day, the boot comes down and can even end up in the calves in a few seconds if you have the misfortune of embarking on an invigorating morning sprint to catch up with the bus! In the end, the pair of shoes therefore loses all comfort and your efforts to have a nice outfit are reduced to nothing. To keep them looking hot without having to pull them up all day, learn tips to prevent over-the-knee boots from slipping.

1) Choosing the right waders will already prevent them from slipping

Some models are more inclined to go down the leg than others. Also, it all starts in store when you make your purchase. First of all, do not hesitate to opt for a rigid leather model. This material holds up better and will have less tendency to wrinkle during the day. Also, pay attention to the small details in the making of the shoe. Some pairs have a hook-and-loop tape or a lace to tighten the shoe at the level of the thigh. No need to dick your leg: it will just prevent it from yawning too much. Finally, if you are buying in-store, take the time to walk for a long time with, to bend the legs, etc. This will give you an idea of ​​the comfort!

2) Draw a strip with a hot glue gun

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If you have kids, you might have already tried the trick of making strips of hot glue under their socks to make them slip-resistant. Well there, we do the same! Make a few horizontal bands where the shoe struggles to adhere. This will allowimprove its grip. If your waders slip very little, this will be enough to keep them securely in place. If not, try the following tips for waders that slip a little more.

3) put on knee socks

These boots are usually difficult to hold on the bare skin of the legs or on tights. Also, the fact ofput on very high socks (at the height of boots), will help them to hold better. Do not hesitate to opt for football socks or ski socks. This will keep you warm and keep the waders in their place!

4) You can sew an elastic in the shoe

There is a basic sewing trick to solve the problem of slipping waders. It simply consists of sew a flat elastic (or better yet a non-slip elastic) inside your boots. You can do this inside the liner if you have the skill to (using a safety pin to run the elastic from one end of the shoe to the other) or even just over it. To do this, first take the time to measure your thigh circumference with the wire to be sure you have the right length. Please feel free to refer to the video tutorial above.

5) Double-sided tape: the quick tip for thigh-high boots that tend to slip

Need a quick and easy fix, and don’t feel like fussing or sewing? In this case, take out your double-sided roller to slide inside the thigh strap! This solution is very effective and will solve your problem. without damaging your boots. When the day is over, just be sure to gently remove the tape, especially if you are wearing tights.

6) Use a hook and loop system to prevent pantyhose from slipping

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Use a Velcro type hook and loop fastener is a discreet way to keep thigh boots from slipping! To do this, glue or sew a strip on the thigh, on the inside, and prepare another strip adapted to your thigh circumference. There are black or white bands here for maximum discretion. In the same spirit, you can also recover the silicone part at the top of a Dim up stocking or similar product and sew it or glue it with double-sided or strong glue in the thigh-high boots.

With all this, no more waders that slip and end up in the back of the closet!

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