How a lot does it value to depart the fan working all evening?


It’s true that we are all looking for the slightest feeling of freshness…

With the increase in electricity, we are not immune to a bad surprise!

Does leaving the fan running at night impact your energy bill?

Fortunately, I asked my EDF adviser for the exact price ofa fan that runs all night.

Well I’m not going to go through 4 paths.

Using a fan at night can seriously drive up your energy bills.

You just have to compare a few numbers to understand it.

Let’s take a real example with a fan with a power of 80 Watts.

Let’s say you use it 12 hours at night for 2 months, or 60 days.

The calculation formula given to me by the EDF adviser to find out how much it costs is as follows:

Fan power in Watts X Number of hours per day X Number of days of use/1000.

We then have the following result: (80 x 12 x 60) / 1000 = 57.6 kWh/year.

Currently, the kilowatt hour is €0.2062 at EDF Blue tariff.

The cost of your consumption is therefore as follows:

57.6 KWh x 0.2062 € = 11.87 € per year, or almost 6 € if we report that over the 2 months of use in summer.

In this example, I took the case of a fan with a consumption of 80 watts.

Imagine (or rather calculate) what it can give if the power of the device doubles…

Cooling off at night with the fan feels good.

But reduced to the month, this expense is not negligible, especially for the most energy-consuming devices.

Sleeping with air conditioning is much more expensive

A person controlling an air conditioner

Since the fan has a pretty serious impact on my electricity bill, I thought to myself:

« Here, might as well install an electric air conditioner on the ceiling ».

It would be much more efficient and it wouldn’t necessarily cost me more.

So I turned this time to my climatician friend to find out what he thought of it.

He clearly told me that we were not playing in the same court.

So yes, the air conditioner offers much better comfort.

But it is much more expensive in terms of installation and operation.

Again, I’ll give you a concrete example to understand.

Let’s imagine that we use a 3400 watt air conditioner 4 hours a day for an area of ​​30 square meters in an apartment.

We use it every night for a whole month.

Well he told me it would cost me around 70€/month!

So ultimately, the running cost of a fan is miniscule compared to air conditioning units.

Do not forget.

Sweltering heat can cloud our judgment when it comes to cooling off.

It can quickly become expensive to buy and operate.

Knowing that these facilities are only useful for a few days / weeks of heat.

Is it really worth the cost? In the south of France, I do not say. But otherwise…

And anyway, if you really need an air conditioner, no need to invest crazy sums.

Look at this tip; she explains how to make your home air conditioner all by yourself.

How to stay cool at night when it’s too hot?

A man who sleeps with his head in a refrigerator to cool off

Before buying a fan Or a wall-mounted air conditioner, remember that there are simple tricks to cool down.

To be used without moderation for the hottest summer nights:

– Take a cold bath before bed

– Keep bedroom windows, blinds and curtains closed during the day to block the sun.

– Use a spray bottle filled with cold water for a cooling mist on demand.

– Create a homemade air conditioner by placing a bowl of ice cream in front of a fan.

– Chill a pair of socks in the refrigerator and put them on before going to bed.

There are also plenty of other tips that I let you discover to cool off (without a fan).

Does a fan make a room cooler?

Although fans can’t cool a room, they can make you feel cooler.

The air that passes over your skin can lower your body temperature.

However, the fan has no effect on the heat in the room.

So if you’re not staying in the room, there’s no point in leaving the fan on.

Your turn…

And you, do you usually leave your fan on all night? Tell us in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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