How A lot Pasta Per Particular person? The Tip To Dose Nicely WITHOUT Steadiness.


Today we will see together how to properly dose pasta without a scale.

Because I don’t know about you …

Fortunately, a cook buddy gave me his tips on how much pasta per person to plan.

In fact, it’s super simple and since then I’ve never been wrong.

So I reveal to you his tips for knowing how much pasta to make per person. Look :

1. How much pasta for the main course?

As a main course, count 100 g of pasta per person

For starters, did you know to always measure pasta when it’s raw?

Yes, once cooked, the volume and weight of the pasta double.

Then, the dosage varies if it is the main course or an accompaniment.

If you eat pasta as a main course, 100 g of raw pasta are needed per person.

Depending on the appetite, it can vary between 80 and 120 g.

I admit that with me, it is more 120 g … than 80 g!

If you are 4 big eaters at the table, that’s almost 500g, or a whole packet.

And for the accompaniments then, what is the dosage?

2. How much pasta on the side?

As an accompaniment, you need 60 g of pasta per person

Are you going to eat pasta on the side?

So you have to plan for less than for a main course.

60 g of dry pasta per person is sufficient.

This is the ideal amount to accompany meat or vegetables.

Be careful, if you cook your pasta to make a soup, you have to be even lighter in your hand.

The dosage is then as follows: 50 g per person.

But that’s not all !

Because the dosage is also different if it is dry pasta as we have just seen …

Or fresh.

3. What about fresh pasta?

a plate of fresh pasta

Yes, the fresh are heavier.

And unlike dry pasta, they won’t gain bulk or weight when cooked.

So take it into account.

Concretely, you have to provide the same amount of fresh pasta as what you want on your plate.

So for a person, we can predict between 120 and 180 g of fresh pasta as a main course.

And if it is an accompaniment, 100 g is sufficient.

Now that you know how much pasta to make …

You are probably wondering how to measure this quantity.

In fact, it depends on the pasta!

4. How to measure the quantity of spaghetti without a scale?

The dosage of spaghetti per person as a main course measured with the thumb and forefinger

If like most people, you don’t have a scale at home, don’t worry!

You just need your hand to know how much to put in the pot.

To do this, join your index finger to the fold of the joint of your thumb. Like that :

This is the right amount of spaghetti as a main course for one person.

– On the other hand, if it is for an accompaniment, put your index finger at the base of the thumb. Like that :

The dosage of spaghetti per person as an accompaniment measured with the thumb and forefinger

And you have the right dose for a person.

If you want to be more specific, you can invest in a spaghetti dispenser.

It’s the perfect kitchen utensil for measuring the exact dose of spaghetti you need.

Last tip: use the spaghetti spoon.

To do this, just use the hole

what the spaghetti spoon has a hole in the middle?

Precisely to measure the quantity of spaghetti for one person. Really smart isn’t it?

But that’s not all…

5. How to properly dose the penne?

A mustard glass filled with penne to make a dose of dough per person as a main course

To dose the penne, a small kitchen scale is very practical.

But it is not obligatory.

As we are smart, we always have a little economic trick to help ourselves.

One portion of penne for one person corresponds to a mustard glass.

On time ! Convenient, isn’t it?

And if it’s an accompaniment, it’s 1/2 glass.

And the good news is, the same goes for pasta which is roughly the same shape.

I am thinking of farfalle, fusilli, conchiglie, macaroni …

6. And the dosage of shellfish?

A yoghurt pot filled with shellfish to make one measure of dough per person

Watch out for the shells!

Since they are very small, the dosage is a little different.

If you don’t have a scale, use a cup of yogurt.

Fill it with shells. And you have the right dose for one person for a main course.

For an accompaniment, count half a jar.

Easy and convenient!

7. What dosage for children?

blond child eats mouthful spaghetti from a pink plate

Pasta is often the favorite dish of children.

But for them, it is of course necessary to plan a little less.

Under 3 years, 30 g is sufficient.

Between 3 and 10 years, prepare 30 to 60 g.

And for teens, we make between 60 and 100 g.

Consider accompanying them with green vegetables and meat for a balanced meal for your children.

8. What to do with leftover pasta?

A fusilli pasta salad with tomato, shrimps, olives

Still made too much pasta? You have leftovers ?

It does not matter. Above all, do not throw them away !

Leftovers are great for making quick meals in the evening after a hard day’s work.

You can also take the opportunity to make your lunch snack at work and save money.

You can for example prepare a gratin or a mixed salad.

And they keep very well in a box food suitable for the fridge.

And even in the freezer.

And know that expired uncooked pasta is still safe to eat.

Your turn…

Have you tried this trick to properly dose pasta? Tell us in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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