How usually and the way must you wash your bras?


Finding the right size and comfortable bras is not easy. So some people have outright decided to drop the case and no longer wear it. However, when we find a rare pearl, we are ready to do anything to ensure its proper maintenance. This is where the fateful question comes into play: how often should you wash your bras? It is true that many people wear their bras and bras for several days without washing them. Few of them use it only once. Indeed, they are fragile pieces of our wardrobe and we know that washing too often can damage or deform them. However, we do not want to have problems in terms of hygiene and odor. In this article, learn tips on how and how many days to wash your bras.

After how many days can I wash my bras?

In terms of hygiene, there is no universal rule, and this for many reasons. Already we have not all the same level of sweating. Some people will indeed tend to sweat more than others. This will therefore require more frequent cleaning. There is also the question of personal preference. Even if it is fine lingerie, wearing an undergarment several times is inconceivable for some people. It is then necessary to provide for a very gentle cleaning to ensure the life of a bralette or a fragile bra (silk bra, lace bra, etc.).

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As Louis Teulières, doctor in immunology and infectiology, reminds us, he is “ no need to wash your bra every day  » if you have «  a healthy daily lifestyle « . If you don’t mind putting your bra back on, you can put on the same piece two or three times maximum depending on your perspiration and the season. Remember that bras are in direct contact with our skin. The strip of fabric under the armpits may therefore tend to soak up perspiration, as can the area on the breasts and back.

The nursing bra and sports bra are the exception and will need cleaning. after each use, respectively for stories of rising and discharging of milk or excessive sweating.

Be careful never to wear the same bra two days in a row!

While the question of frequency may vary, both for people who wear a bra and for specialists who offer their hygiene advice, there is only one rule that should never be deviated from: never wear the same bra two days in a row. If it should not be done under any pretext, it is for a question of maintenance. After a day of wearing it, the underwear relaxes and stretches, its cups then become less rigid. It is therefore necessary to put another one the next day and to alternate, the time for it to resume its initial form. So think of always keep a ‘day off’ between two uses.

How to wash your bras?

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Whatever your choice for the frequency of cleaning, you will in all cases have to opt for a very gentle wash to preserve the quality of your underwear. Otherwise, the cups will become deformed, the underwire will lose support or may break, and delicate fabrics such as laces may deteriorate, discolor or lose their original shape. This is the reason why the hand wash is preferred without rubbing the cups too much. If you prefer machine washing, do not exceed a temperature of 40 or even 30 ° C and opt for the program dedicated to delicate laundry or silk if your machine offers it. And if possible, always wash the top with the matching bottom to avoid mismatching colors over washes and discolorations.

Then slip your bras into a protective pocket or a net after taking care of systematically close clips and hooks of each room. This will prevent them from catching during washing, which could damage each other. As for the laundry, take a hypoallergenic detergent to avoid allergic skin reactions at the level of the underwire of the bra. The right option? Use a homemade laundry without essential oil for better tolerance. The bra is very close to the skin, so do not neglect the use of a very soft product.

And for successful drying?

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Never tumble dry a bra. This is the best way to ruin it pretty quickly. Prefer a drying in the open air on a drying rack. To avoid deforming it, also avoid extending it by the straps. Better to hang it in the middle of the two cups.

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