The way to apply nail polish with the flawed hand? 4 nice suggestions!


A perfectly successful manicure is always very appreciable to display pretty clean hands. Nevertheless, the application can sometimes leave something to be desired, especially when we try to varnish our nails with the wrong hand, namely the left hand for right-handed people and the right hand for left-handed people. The gesture then becomes uncertain, imprecise, trembling. We end up putting nail polish everywhere except on the nail and then scrubbing as best we can with your nail polish remover to catch up. In short, you need to have a bit of a hand to succeed in your manicure or nail art. How to apply your varnish with the left or right hand? In this article, we give you all the little tricks for an easier application with the wrong hand. Enough to have the more assured and quick gesture of a pro!

1) To pick up the varnish, use the right hand

With its nail polish, you have to use the right amount: neither too much nor too little. To manage well without getting it everywhere, take the right dose of product using your most skilled hand. You will also only have to switch to the application with the other hand.

2) Use the wrong hand to a minimum to apply polish

To have a more assured gesture, keep the hand holding the brush still and slide the other hand underneath, tilting it slightly so that it faces straight ahead. This will allow you to better manage the application areas during the first coat and the second coat. If you adopt this method, remember to take support with the hand that remains stationary so as to limit the tremors as much as possible. This will reduce the risk of sudden and uncontrolled movements.

apply varnish make it dry faster
Credits: Flickr/Zitona

3) Rest fingers for stability when applying polish with the wrong hand

As explained earlier, putting down your hand gives more stability for a more precise application. Above all, do not hesitate to put your little finger on a flat surface to stop moving or your thumb on the edge of the table to find better support.

4) A slow and sure gesture

The slower your gestures, the more precise they will be. So, avoid big fast movements! Gently apply the polish from the cuticle to the tip of the nail without lifting the brush. Then start again without rushing.

Once the varnish is perfectly applied, consult our tips to make it dry faster. With all these techniques, you will quickly be finished with your manicure!

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