Find out how to Calculate Your Very best Top to Weight Ratio?


Before starting a diet, it is important to know your ideal height-to-weight ratio.

It’s a good starting point to lose weight effectively and peacefully.

If you are a woman

For a woman the formula is: Size in cm – 100 – (Size – 150) /2.

Example for a woman of 1.60 meters, the formula is: 160 – 100 – (160 – 150) /2 = 160 – 100 – 10/2 = 55 kg.

If you are a man

For a man, you have to divide by 4 instead of 2.

For a man of 1.80 meters, his ideal weight will be: 180 – 100 – (180-150) /4 = 72.5 kg.


A scale with a jump rope and an apple

There you go, you know how to calculate your ideal weight in relation to your height 🙂

Convenient and easy, right?

No need to be good at math to calculate your ideal weight!

Once you have calculated your ideal weight, you know the weight you can reach without losing your health!

But don’t forget: the main thing is to feel good about yourself and to maintain the desired ideal weight for a long time.

Your turn…

Do you know any other methods to calculate your ideal weight? Please let us know in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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