The best way to Clear a Washing Machine in 7 Steps.


When you use the washing machine to wash your clothes…

With all the clothes she washes throughout the year, that seems pretty normal, right?

Especially if you have small children at home.

If you, too, have not cleaned your washing machine for 2 years, this guide should be useful to you.

All you need is baking soda and white vinegar. Look :

What you need

White vinegar

baking soda

– toothbrush

microfiber cloth

How to do

1. Run a machine empty, choosing the longest program and the highest temperature.

Choose a high temperature and a long program

2. Open the hood while the machine is filling and add 1 liter of white vinegar.

Add white vinegar

3. Next, add one cup’s worth of baking soda to the drum.

Put baking soda in the washing machine to clean it

Close the hood and let the machine run for 1 minute. Open the hood again and let the water, white vinegar, and baking soda sit in the drum of the machine for 1 hour.

4. During this time, remove all the parts you can and soak them.

In particular, remove removable parts, such as the detergent and fabric softener compartments.

Soak them in white vinegar and then scrub them to clean them thoroughly. Dry the parts well and replace them.

Using a toothbrush dipped in white vinegar, clean hard-to-reach places like the detergent drawer, around the gasket, and in the hood frame:

Clean machine compartment

Clean washing machine with toothbrush

Clean washing machine faucet

You can also use this time to clean the front and sides of the machine, but don’t close the lid yet!

5. After 1 hour, close the washing machine hood and let the program finish.

In the meantime, you can clean the top of the washing machine and the buttons with the microfiber cloth and white vinegar.

Clean washing machine buttons

6. Start again.

Run a program again at high temperature with 1 liter of white vinegar in it.

This makes it possible to eliminate the last residues that the 1st program could not remove.

7. To clean the drum, once the wash cycle is complete, wipe the sides and bottom of the drum with white vinegar to remove any remaining dirt.

Clean washing machine interior with microfiber

And now, it’s over ! Your washing machine is nickel-chrome 🙂

You now know how to clean a washing machine with baking soda and white vinegar.

A good cleaning of the washing machine with bicarbonate and vinegar, there is nothing more effective!

As you can see, these explanations are for a top opening machine. But it’s the same principle for a porthole machine.

Once started, your machine may have a safety device that blocks the opening. So you wonder where to put the baking soda and vinegar?

If so, start the machine. Then, open the drawer for the detergent to pour in the vinegar and then the baking soda.

Then stop the machine and wait 1 hour.

After that restart the machine again. Open the drawer and pour 1 liter of vinegar.

Finally, let the machine complete the program (still empty).

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