clear an air humidifier? (And why it is necessary!)


In winter, the air humidifier is a valuable ally for improving the air quality in a home. Because of the heating, it can indeed become drier, which can worsen respiratory disorders (colds, coughs, etc.) by drying out the mucous membranes and also making the skin dry in passing. The fact of using this device thus makes it possible to gain in comfort and to clean the ambient air, and this, without necessarily needing to add essential oils. However, if we do not maintain our device well, it can have repercussions on our health. Find out why it is important to clean your air humidifier and above all the tips for carrying out this crucial cleaning.

Why is it essential to take care to clean your air humidifier?

First of all, cleaning this device is important to ensure its proper functioning. In fact, depending on the quality of the water used to fill it, the limestone can settle there over time. However, the more your device will scale up, the less likely it is to work well. Cleaning it is therefore important to ensure its durability against tartar.

It should also be noted that like any device that runs on water, the humidifier is conducive to the development of harmful bacteria and molds that thrive in all the little nooks. If you allow microorganisms to thrive there, you risk spread pathogenic germs when using it. Cleaning is therefore essential to keep the air healthy and to allow the use of this appliance to be non-harmful to your health and that of your family, especially among the most fragile.

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Maintenance gestures for an air humidifier

To do everyday

To ensure healthier use of the air humidifier, it is advisable to change your water daily. Letting it languish too much can indeed promote the development of germs within the device. This simple gesture will help keep water fresh for healthier use.

How often to clean your air humidifier

For better hygiene, nothing beats a regular maintenance. To do this, cleaning once a week will be more than beneficial. If you miss a week, it won’t be catastrophic, especially if you take care to change the water well every day. However, being rigorous will ensure the most hygienic use possible.

How to clean your air humidifier step by step

1) Carrying out the cleaning is not very complicated. Start by emptying the device and filling the tank with about 700 ml of white vinegar. Its acetic acid gives it a cleaning and descaling power very effective. It is also deodorantwhich is very useful when the tank smells bad.
2) Leave on for 1 hour. For more efficiency, you can run the device here for about thirty minutes to clean all its components. Remember in this case to open the window or carry out the cleaning outside if you can. to prevent the whole house from taking on an acid smell.
3) You can then empty the device and rinse several times.
4) If there are still deposits, pour water and grains of rice inside and scrub with a brush. This will remove the last residues. Proceed to a final rinse with water to remove the grains.
5) Finally, you can use a sponge soaked in vinegar and/or a toothbrush to finish cleaning the external part or the various elements.

Good to know :

White vinegar can also be used clean the filters of your air humidifier. However, it will have to be diluted in water so as not to risk damaging the filter during cleaning. A mixture of equal parts will keep the effectiveness of the vinegar without being too acidic. Then, let the filter soak for 30 minutes in the vinegar water before rinsing it and letting it air dry. If there’s any residue left, just soak it for another 30 minutes before rinsing and drying.

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