Find out how to clear the washer, step-by-step


These tips are very simple and will allow you to keep your machine for much longer.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to clean your washing machine, so that it is clean and ready to use.

If you have a washing machine that is not in good condition, you may need to clean it for a few minutes, but you will need to make sure that your washing machine is clean and ready to use.

In addition, cleaning the washing machine is important to avoid contamination by fungi and other microorganisms, keeping all internal components in excellent condition, which increases the life of the appliance. Find out how to do it, step by step.

Clean the interior

It is essential to clean the washing machine in this way at least once a month to ensure that it is free from contamination. It will remove fungi, bacteria and stubborn stains.


Hot water: to fill the machine;

Alcohol vinegar: ½ bottle.

How to do

Soften enough water and fill the entire drum, up to the maximum washing level;

Put the bottle of alcohol vinegar into the water inside the machine;

Program the short cycle and let it end;

Open the washing machine and let it dry for the necessary time.

Filter cleaning

The filter helps your clothes come out cleaner and lint-free. It is therefore important to always keep it free of dirt for the correct operation of the machine.

How to do

Remove the plug, unplugging the machine;

Check that it is completely empty;

Twist the filter cover until it comes loose and remove it;

Remove any lint, paper, buttons or any other object that may be there;

Take a screwdriver and turn it to remove the less accessible part. Also clean this part;

Close it well.

Rubber cleaning

This dirt may go unnoticed, but when it has accumulated for a long time, the smell becomes unbearable. It should be the first to be done, as it can end up dirty the inside during cleaning.


Water: 3 liters;

Lemon: juice of 3 units;

Hydrogen peroxide: 1 cup

Sprayer: 1 unit;

Fat buffer: 1 unit;

Dry cloth: 1 unit.

How to – How to clean the washing machine – complete step by step method

Carefully remove the elastic. Remember that you will need to adjust it the same afterwards, so try to memorize how to do it;

Squeeze the lemons and pour the juice into a bucket;

Add 3 liters of water;

Also add hydrogen peroxide;

Squeeze the lemons and pour the juice into a bucket, add 3 liters of water, add hydrogen peroxide; pour everything into a spray bottle and rub the inside of the house. Do this until all the silt is removed;

When it is clean, spray the mixture and wipe it off with a dry cloth.

Leave the lid open for an hour while it dries.

Clean the soap and fabric softener compartment

Cleaning the washing machine’s soap, bleach and fabric softener compartment helps preserve its lifespan and prevent stains on plastic and clothing.

Materials – How to clean the washing machine – complete step by step method

Apple or alcohol vinegar: 250 milliliters;

Hot water: 1 liter;

Basin or sprayer: 1 unit;

Sponge: 1 unit;

Dry cloth: 1 unit.

How to – How to clean the washing machine – complete step by step method

Place the vinegar in a bowl and add the hot water;

Soak the compartment removed from the machine so that it is completely covered;

Leave to soak for 10 minutes;

Wash with the soft part of the sponge, rinse and dry;

If the compartment is not removable, use the spray bottle. Spray for 10 minutes, without letting it dry. Then use the yellow part of the sponge and dry it thoroughly.

How to clean the washing machine – complete step by step method

The ingredients used to clean the washing machine are simple and you already have most of them at home. Vinegar, lemon and hot water are your best allies because they are bactericidal substances that neutralize odors. There are also other ingredients that perform these functions and can be used to clean the washing machine.

Cleaning the drum with bleach and vinegar

One way to generally clean the drum is to fill it with water and add 1 liter of bleach to it. After shaking the machine for 1 minute, you should let it sit, still with water, for 1 hour. Then you have to start a cycle, as if he has clothes inside.

Finally, when empty, refill it and, instead of bleach, use 1 liter of white vinegar, repeating the entire process. At the end, you just need to dry the inside with a very clean cloth and leave it open to dry.

Cleaning rubber with chlorine

Chlorine is another very useful ingredient for whole house sanitizing, including washing the washing machine. You need to mix 1 cup of chlorine with 1 liter of hot water. Then carefully remove the rubber and clean the crevices with a rag dipped in the solution.

Then keep the rubber wet with chlorine and water for 5 minutes, then dry it with a rag.

Washing machine maintenance tips – How to clean your washing machine?

There are also other tips for storing your washing machine. These are simple steps that go beyond this monthly cleaning and are worth making your device last longer.

After each wash, wipe the inside of the basket with a cloth dampened in hot water and neutral detergent. Leave the machine open to ventilate, but dry it with a clean, fragrant cloth;

Do not use chemicals for this daily cleaning, but only for monthly cleaning, as is the case with chlorine;

Always use the amount of bleach, soap, and fabric softener recommended in the washing machine manual. Otherwise, these products may accumulate in a much shorter time than expected and damage the equipment;

The same goes for the recommended amount of clothing. Do not overfill the machine, as you may damage your clothes while it is running.

How to avoid bad smells in the washing machine?

The bad smell occurs when you are not used to cleaning the washing machine at least once a month. When the machine is still closed, residue builds up, allowing fungi and bacteria to proliferate. That’s why you have that musty or rotting smell, which will only go away with a good cleaning.

So, to avoid the bad smell from the washing machine, just keep it hygienic, following all of the recommendations that you have seen throughout this article.

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