Find out how to clear your baseboards with out getting drained (and for a very long time!)


Like walls, baseboards are a big thing to forget when cleaning. It must be admitted that given their location, it is neither easy nor practical to clean them. You can also quickly have back pain or knees by dint of chasing dirt, bent over to rub tirelessly. In addition, it is enough to have neglected this cleaning a little too much to end up with two hours to make up everything! And since they pick up all the dust, it can be tedious to dust, loosen and scrub them. In this article, find out how to clean your baseboards very efficiently and quickly, all without getting tired. With the right tools, household products and techniques, they will be flawless and will stay that way!

The trick that removes dust and keeps it from coming back

The big problem with baseboards is that they tend to collect dust. So, when you use a clean cloth to clean them, it can leave pilling. However, a little simple trick allows you to remove dust and prevent it from coming back to be quiet longer. This method consists of passing a fabric softener for the dryer. These wipes have an anti-static effect which prevents dust and dirt from settling. If you don’t have one, you can also use a microfiber cloth soaked in a few drops of fabric softener. Your fabric softener will indeed have the same antistatic properties!

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It works on any type of baseboard (wood, rubber, vinyl, etc.) and for several weeks. Repeat application when the effect wears off.

Use the right tools to clean baseboards

Use a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment is ideal for cleaning dusty baseboards. (Be careful not to make black marks on your baseboards when you pass it!) Otherwise, also consider the broom covered with a soft lint-free cloth for cleaning. Just soak the cloth with the chosen cleaning product and attach it to the broom before scrubbing. You can also slip the cleaner into a sprayer to spray it on the baseboards, then scrub the areas to be buffed with the broom. This thus makes it possible to rub the plinths without having to bend down. The broom trick also works wonders for cleaning a tub without bending down!

If you’re not afraid of lowering, at least consider putting on a towel or yoga mat under your knees to protect them a little from the ground. It will also be possible here to use a microfiber cloth, but also a sponge brush which is a little more precise.

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What products to clean baseboards?

After removing the dust with a vacuum cleaner or a cloth, several ecological cleaning products can be used to remove stains and encrusted dirt:
Hot soapy water (Marseille soap, dish soap or black soap)
-Mixture of hot water and White vinegar (which can be added with a few drops of washing-up liquid)
-Baking soda diluted in hot water
-A magic sponge
– scouring cream
The most important is to do not soak your cloth too much so as not to risk ruining your wallpaper or your parquet. Also remember to wipe the baseboards thoroughly after cleaning.

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