The right way to clear your jewellery? 5 tricks to make them shine


Can’t step outside without putting on your favorite jewelry? We understand you, because this little ritual allows you to add a more beautiful touch to an outfit. Of course, sometimes it’s more because they can recall the loved ones who gave them and we really care about them for all the love they evoke in us. In any case, we generally do not want to wear dirty and tarnished accessories. But this is where it gets tricky, because it is out of the question to clean your jewelry inappropriately and risk damaging it permanently! So what to do about the dust, perspiration and perfume that gets into it? Here’s how to clean and shine your precious metal or fancy jewelry the grandma way without going to a jewelry store.

1) Some basic tips to preserve your jewelry

jewelry box
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The first thing to do is to ask the jeweler how to care for your new accessory. Moreover, you will obviously have to be careful if you have to do activities that could damage or dirty them. For example, you can remove them for the shower, sports, dishes, etc. It’s silly to say, but that’s the basics. Also, keep your boxes carefully or plan cloth pouches or silk fabric to store them separately and avoid scratches. Moreover, the little extra thing is the piece of white chalk to slip into the jewelry box to absorb moisture and prevent oxidation. Finally, avoid cleaning in the sink, because the jewel could fall into the pipes! A bowl of water will work just as well and prevent accidents.

2) Solutions that generally work to clean jewelry

clean jewelry with aluminum
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First, let’s talk about the products we all have at home: toothbrush and toothpaste. Often, toothpaste is recommended for cleaning jewelry, but many are afraid that it is too abrasive. Don’t worry: he works great on gold, silver and diamonds. On the other hand, it is to be avoided on precious stones and pearls which are too delicate. As for the toothbrush with soft bristles, it allows you to rub gently in all corners.

Often jewelry also likes to soak for a few hours in a bowl of beer or a quarter of an hour in a bowl lined with aluminum foil in which we add a little warm water, salt, baking soda and washing-up liquid. Then we must of course rub, rinse and why not polish everything with a chamois leather. Bread crumbs or a white eraser are incredible solutions for making jewelry shine and erasing small dirt. Otherwise, stay cold ash technique to brush on the jewelry before rinsing then rub with a chamois leather.

3) Clean silver jewelry specifically

silver necklace jewel
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Regularly, you can polish silver jewelry with a chamois leather to avoid the patina that ages their appearance. For more thorough cleaning, use a paste made from water and baking soda or lemon juice ! Indeed, this will remove the grime that tarnishes the silver. Same with the Meudon white or white chalk that clean and shine with a thousand lights. Here, we will just soak a cloth in powder before polishing the jewel. Also, you can give him a two-hour bath in white vinegar before rinsing well! In addition, note that a silver jewel adorned with precious stones can simply be soaked a little in soapy water and then rubbed with a damp microfiber cloth. A soft cloth dampened with a few drops of alcohol at 70° can also remove stubborn stains and add shine.

4) Clean gold jewelry specifically

gold jewelry ring
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For the gold, a bath with a bit ofsparkling water and a few drops of dish soap will do wonders. Slide your jewelry in for a moment then brush gently to remove the most stubborn marks. Of course, soapy water can also work, but will be just a little less effective. But it has the merit of also working on diamond or precious stone rings, preferably using a mild shampoo. And to make it shine, rub with breadcrumbs or a cloth soaked in talcum powder. Radiance guaranteed!

5) And for the maintenance of costume jewellery, how do we do it?

varnish on costume jewelry
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They make it possible to enlarge the collection without spending too much and bring a touch of originality. But since the quality is not always there, they can quickly lose their shine. We advise you to cover with a layer of transparent varnish upon acquisition to protect them from the ravages of time. Pay particular attention to the parts that come into contact with the skin! In addition, it will avoid the possible greenish spots that they sometimes leave on the skin. Furthermore, he can serve as glue if any of the faux pearls or stones come off your accessory. The colored varnish can also be used to refresh a jewel by giving it new colors. If a fake jewel has ripsmoisten the damaged part a little and apply gold or silver leaf to it.

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