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Watermelon is a juicy and refreshing summer fruit known for its pleasant sweet taste. But did you know that watermelon seeds, often overlooked and thrown away, are packed with health benefits and provide a wealth of culinary possibilities? Indeed, when we were little, many of us thought that if we swallowed these little seeds, a tree would grow in our belly. Today you know that it is not dangerous. However, knowing these edible pips does not make you want to swallow them, even when you are keen to reduce your food waste. Yet, just like watermelon rinds when prepared properly, they are sure to blow your mind. Discover how to exploit their unsuspected culinary potential to treat yourself! You’ll never want to throw them away again.

What are the benefits of watermelon seeds?

watermelon pips black seeds
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Very antioxidant, watermelon seeds are also an excellent source of vegetable protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, good fats and vitamins A, B (especially B6) and C, which makes a valuable addition to a balanced diet. Their subtly nutty flavor close to that of sunflower seeds and their crunchy texture reminiscent of pumpkin seeds also add an interesting dimension to dishes, while their health benefits make them an ingredient not to be overlooked. In short, they present the same benefits as most seeds, while being much less caloric ! They won’t cause your cholesterol to explode. So many good reasons to want to reduce food waste while making good use of it.

However, if it is easy to swallow the white pips, the black pips are more difficult to consume. In addition, ingesting them without preparation will not allow you to take full advantage of them, because they will be rejected as is by the body. It is therefore important to germinate, dry and roast them Before to cook them.

How to prepare and cook watermelon seeds?

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There are several creative ways to use watermelon seeds. Depending on how you cook them, you can use them in a number of amazing ways.

Roast the watermelon seeds

Like melon seeds as an appetizer, roasted watermelon seeds are a particularly tasty crunchy snack. Rinse the seeds, drain them, then roast them dry or with a little olive oil and salt in a pan or on a baking sheet in the oven (about 20 minutes at 160°C) until tender. to what they become slightly golden. If you wish, you can then season them with spices of your choice such as salt, pepper, paprika or cumin to add flavor. Once roasted, watermelon seeds can be used to garnish a salad, a soup, grilled meats, yogurt, bread or homemade biscuits or a vegetable dish, but also add crunch to an aperitif. They will add a crispy texture and taste to your sweet or savory recipes.

A surprising ingredient to add to your smoothies or breads

Add some watermelon seeds in your smoothies for their provide extra texture and a dose of good nutrients. Be sure to stir the seeds well, though, so they blend evenly into the drink. These seeds can also be ground and added to bread dough, muffins or cakes. This crunchy touch and this flavor close to that of sunflower seeds are very pleasant. Try incorporating them into seeded bread or cookie recipes to add some interesting texture. Finally, it is possible to grind them in a blender or a coffee grinder to obtain a pasty powder. We can use it as base for preparing sauces or spreads. You can also add it to a marinade for meat or vegetables to give them a unique flavor or sprinkle it on your summer salads.

Watermelon seed infusion

What if, as with date stone coffee, we decided to transform these seeds into a delicious drink? Boil your watermelon seeds in water for 15 to 20 minutes or let them steep for a few hours in a carafe of cold water. That will give the water a light fruity flavor and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the pips. A watermelon tea is more than welcome once summer comes!

Another zero waste tip: plant your watermelon seeds

watermelon pips black seeds
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Set aside a few seeds that you will take care to rinse and dry well. We advise you tokeep about fifteen to maximize your chances of success. Then let them dry for several weeks at room temperature and away from light. After this step not to be overlooked, place organic cotton balls at the bottom of a cup, moisten everything and place your seeds on top. Finally add fragmented cotton which will allow the young plants to pass through and water again. It is very important to check germination dailybecause your young seedlings will be very fragile.

When they reach about two centimeters, you can sow them in a pot at least ten centimeters in diameter in which you have poured clay balls and quality horticultural soil. Push down delicately your seed germinated in the ground with the help of tweezers and let it protrude one centimeter. Finish planting by watering gently. During the high season, you can transfer your plants from the pot to the open ground (soil rich in compost, airy and very warm). If you prefer large, rare waterings to several small ones and pollination is on your side, your plant will certainly be successful! Then try to keep only one and to eliminate the others as well as the flowers to come to be sure to obtain a beautiful result.

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