How one can Cool Down Your Overheated Rabbit? 7 Straightforward Ideas.


My 2 rabbits are really too hot this summer.

Like all rabbits, they are very sensitive to heat.

Here I show you how to relieve them of the heat and cool them down quickly.

It was my veterinarian who gave me these tips to help them resist high temperatures.

Since I’ve been using them, Bunny and Pampan seem to be holding up much better against this scorching summer.

Here are 7 tricks to cool bunnies (including dwarfs) easily. Look :

How to recognize when your rabbit is too hot?

gray rabbit on grass

Rabbits are extremely sensitive to heat, especially when it exceeds 30°C.

Why ?

Because they don’t sweat.

Indeed, they have few sweat glands, located only on their lips.

In nature, they take refuge in deep burrows to keep cool.

But in a cage or free at home, they may struggle to find freshness.

It’s one of the reasons why I don’t leave them in their cage during the heat wave.

Here is how to help them in the following points.

1. Cool the room where the rabbit is

Rabbit in its cage

Whether in a cage or free, one of the first tips is not to let the heat enter the room where the rabbit is located.

Apply the classic instructions in the event of a heat wave:

Close the shutters during the hottest hours, ventilate at night to let in the cool.

A fan can also be placed provided that the rabbit does not get the air directly into the eyes or ears.

I always make sure that his place of life is well ventilated and that the temperature does not rise above 25°C.

If its shelter is in the garden, move it to the shade of a large tree.

Or put up a large parasol if the shelter is fixed.

Besides, I can only suggest that you plant a tree nearby for the next summers.

2. Put a wet towel on the cage

black and white rabbit under yellow wet towel

If your rabbit lives exclusively in a cage, it must be large enough for him to move around and get air.

To help it cool down, cover part of the cage with a damp towel.

Evaporating moisture also absorbs heat.

But be careful not to create an atmosphere that is too humid (tropical), because they would not resist it.

3. Use tiling

black rabbit on tiled floor

Tile is often a cooler surface.

My rabbits love to hang out there in the summer.

When it’s hot, I leave them free to find the places where they want to cool off.

And I can tell you that my tiling has been a great success.

Do not hesitate to put tiles in the cage or in the shelter of the rabbit in summer!

4. Put bottles of very cold water near the rabbit

Bottles of very cold water near a brown rabbit

In case of high heat, I use the trick of cold water bottles.

I fill them with water and put them in the fridge overnight.

When the temperature rises during the day, I put the cold bottles next to the rabbits.

They love to lie against to cool off.

The trick also works with ice packs that is covered with a cloth to avoid burns by the cold, or with cold hot water bottles.

5. Brush to remove excess hair

Surplus hair from a gray rabbit

Regular grooming is important for rabbits.

Why ?

Because it allows you to remove dead hair that keeps you warm.

In particular, all the undercoat hair, which is called the « stuffing ». You know the part of very dense hair near the skin.

6. Spray water on his ears

Spray water on the bunny's ears

Rabbits release heat through their ears.

To help him cool down, you can spray a little water on the back of the ears.

Or, wet them with a damp cloth.

Do not forget to clean his ears well during the heat wave, because you have seen that it is very important for him. Especially if you have a lop rabbit.

You can take the opportunity to wet the underside of the legs and the muzzle.

On the other hand, beware of full baths! It can cause fatal thermal shock to Bunny.

Also avoid drafts when he is wet, especially if he has wet ears.

7. Give him waterlogged vegetables

A rabbit eating waterlogged vegetables

When it’s hot, animals don’t always drink enough.

Now is the time to feed waterlogged vegetables to rabbits.

For example cucumbers, courgettes, spinach leaves or salads. But also red fruits, pears, peaches, melons, watermelons…

By eating them, they will hydrate at the same time. We kill two birds with one stone!

Don’t forget to put fresh (but not frozen) water and change it regularly in the rabbit shelter.

Your turn…

Have you tried these tricks to cool your rabbit in the summer? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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