Find out how to lower and elegance males’s hair at residence



No, that term does not mean jeopardizing your partner’s career path by stealing their offers. This refers to shaving or trimming the hair underneath, allowing longer layers to fall on top. This technique is a way to fine tune the hair and it is a widely used method to create modern styles for men.

A brief history of men’s hairstyles

Many men in America today wear their hair above the collar, but that hasn’t always been the case. Historically, men’s hairstyles have varied almost as much as women’s. They even wore wigs, as any portrayal of old-school lawyers preparing to hold court will attest. In ancient times, men’s long hair indicated wealthy status, while members of the lower classes often shaved their heads for hygiene.

These days you probably consider crew cuts to be commonplace, especially among the military and those who play sports like rowing. It wasn’t until Jock Whitney cut his locks, and the rest of the team followed as the style has become popular among the athletic ensemble. Now, various people are adopting the look – even some women – because it makes getting ready to go in a snap. Some with the style don’t even bother buying shampoo.

Over the years, preferred lengths have varied – for example, in the 1960s, men with long hair were fashion icons. Culture also plays a role. Tibetan monks usually shear their heads, while many Native American tribes consider cutting their hair to be like losing a part of themselves. African Americans popularized intricate braids and cornrows.

Fortunately, you can choose from almost any length or style when it comes to your hairstyle. You can do anything from dreadlocks to a trendy cut if it’s convenient for you. While you can raise a few eyebrows if you wear a neon green mohawk to your next job interview, even that extreme won’t stop you from some creative areas.

Kate harveston

Kate harveston

Kate is a weekly contributor to ActiveBeat and a regular writer on other health and lifestyle sites such as Thought Catalog, Darling Magazine, and Read Unwrite. She is originally from Pennsylvania and enjoys going on long hikes and teaching Zumba classes. She also runs her own site, So Well, So Woman, where she researches and discusses topics related to women’s health.

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