dry your garments quicker… because of your washer


From stain removal to ironing without forgetting the washing, the maintenance of linen can be particularly long and tedious. In addition to all these tasks, there is also drying, which can take a very long time in households that have not been able to invest in a tumble dryer. It is then often necessary to rely on the classic drying rack… and take your troubles patiently! Fortunately, there is an unknown trick that allows you to dry your clothes faster thanks to your washing machine. Discover this super smart and easy to use feature that will save you time without damaging your clothes or causing them to shrink.

Dry your laundry faster with your washing machine and a towel

Many people already slip a towel into their dryer to cut laundry drying time in half. However, even if you don’t have a dryer, you can use this same trick in the washing machine to save time. To do this, we wash as usual. Then, we will nevertheless leave the clean damp cloth in the drum and add a dry and thick towel inside. Do not add any detergent.

It will then be possible to start the “spin cycle” program at its maximum power. Thanks to him, part of the moisture will be removed by the washing machine or absorbed by the terry towel. At the end of the execution of this program, you will recover clothes or linens that are almost dry, because they have gotten rid of excess water.

For the success of this trick, it will be necessary to make sure to do not overfill the drum of your washing machine. The less laundry, the faster it will dry. Perhaps you can remove the fragile parts that could withstand this powerful spin less well in order to make some space?

Fill the washing machine
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Other tricks to dry clothes faster

Despite this trick, the clothes can remain a little damp. However, you can finish drying them on the drying rack, not far from a lit radiator (but not too close to avoid humidity or mold problems) and in a small room. The hot air released by this device will finish drying the clothes faster. This technique is less efficient than the dryer, but remains much less energy-intensive than the use of this household appliance which consumes a lot.

It is also possible towrap clothes in a towel and press well to capture as much moisture as possible. This method can leave a few creases, but has the merit of promoting fast and very effective drying. Our ironing tips should help you smooth out the creases if necessary. Finally, you can use the hair dryer, both to help the laundry dry faster than to blow hot air on an item of clothing that you urgently need.

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