Methods to Fold a Tacos Proper Each Time? The Mexican Tip.


The easy part is preparing the filling.

So how do you successfully fold your wraps and tacos every time?

In this article, I show you the infallible trick to folding your tacos like a Mexican chef. Look :

1. Prepare the tortilla

To easily roll a taco, use a large, soft tortilla.

The first secret to closing your tacos like a pro?

It is to use a large tortilla quite flexible.

At the supermarket, choose the biggestnamely those that are 25 cm in diameter.

Smaller than that, and the bend test becomes far too difficult (if not impossible).

The other super important point is to make sure that the tortilla you use is very flexible.

Indeed, a flatbread that comes straight from the fridge tends to be a little too firm.

The little trick to soften it easily is to heat it in the microwave for 1 minute.

No microwave? So, reheat it the old-fashioned way, in a frying pan without fat.

The heat will make your tortilla soft enough to wrap around the filling without tearing.

2. Add the filling

To properly roll the tacos, line the filling on one side of the tortilla.

Add a small amount of filling to one right side of the tortilla, and vertical line.

As you can see in the photo above, the other half of the tortilla is without filling.

And look at the right side of the pancake: also leave 2 to 3 centimeters of tortilla there.

And a word of advice: don’t force the filling too much!

Indeed, an overfilled tortilla is the guarantee of putting it everywhere…

I recommend this recipe chicken and bell pepper fajitas. Kids love it!

3. Fold the lower part

To properly fold the tacos, fold down one side of the tortilla.

Fold the bottom part of the tacos over so that the tortilla covers one third of the filling.

4. Fold the upper part

To properly roll the tacos, fold the sides of the tortilla over the filling.

Now fold the upper part of the tortilla, still over a third of the filling.

As you can see, the edges of the upper and lower parts don’t touch each other.

5. Fold one side

To properly roll the tacos, fold 3 sides of the tortilla over the filling.

This time, fold the side of the tortillaso that it covers the previously folded parts.

If necessary, use a spoon to put the filling that protrudes back inside the tacos.

6. Start rolling the tacos

To neatly fold the tacos, fold the sides of the tortilla over the filling and roll up.

It’s the last straight line !

You can start to roll the tortilla.

Roll the tacos on itself, very slowly and gently.

Continue until it is tightly rolled up and closed.

7. Press down on the taco to keep it closed

To properly fold a taco, remember to press down on it to slightly flatten it.

Once the tacos are nicely rolled, press down on them with your fingers to flatten it a bit.


There you go, you know the Mexican technique for folding a taco 🙂

Easy, quick and delicious, right?

Now you can close all the tacos no problem!

The rookie mistake everyone makes with tacos?

It is want to add too much filling!

Yes, because if you put too much, in the end it is no longer possible to close the tacos.

And result, everything overflows and you have your fingers full!

The secret to successfully closing your tacos every time is to put less filling.

What if you’re still hungry?

Just make yourself another taco 🙂

Your turn…

Have you tried the easy taco folding technique? Let us know in the comments if it worked out well for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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