The way to do away with dangerous smells within the fridge? (8 ideas)


If you have not yet adopted airtight glass containers (more eco-friendly than plastic ones) for all your food, you have surely already had unpleasant olfactory surprises. Between the midday sauerkraut and the old piece of munster forgotten at the bottom of the fridge, the persistent bad smells of stale or rotten food in the fridge can reach new heights! All that’s missing are the smelly pipes or garbage cans to make kitchen odors hell… Fortunately, it’s not a few stubborn unpleasant odors that will scare grandma! So, if you are looking for a very effective solution to find a good smell in there, you have done well to click.

1) White vinegar for cleaning and treating bad odors in the fridge

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Cleaning the fridge will surely be a must to remove the unpleasant smells of cheese or expired food. On the other hand, it is out of the question to use a chemical-based detergent or bleach that would come into contact with the food! So, can or throw out whatever is causing the odors. Then take your alcohol vinegar (also called crystal vinegar or white vinegar). Soak a cloth in it and rub the smallest nooks and crannies of your household appliance. Cleaner and deodorizer, it will remove all the scents that bother you. If this is not enough, put a bowl in it as a treatment to renew twice a month or apply one of the “remedies” below.

We also introduced you to a non-toxic refrigerator cleaner recipe for risk-free cleaning. It is also a good maintenance product for regular maintenance.

2) Bicarbonate, a deodorant against stubborn bad smells in the refrigerator

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The absorbent properties of sodium bicarbonate (or bicarbonate of soda) allow it to easily fight against bad odors and their proliferation. It will allowabsorb and neutralize unwanted odors. To do this, all you need to do is fill a cup and place it in a strategic place on one of the shelves. Then, the powder is replaced as soon as the fishy smell or musty smell returns. If you like fresh scents, you can also add a few drops of essential oil to the baking soda. Peppermint, eucalyptus, citrus (lemon) or tea tree are good choices here!

3) Coffee grounds to neutralize bad smells from the fridge

In perfumeries, we put a few grains on the counter to breathe between two perfume tests. Pleasant, coffee grounds are easily reusable kitchen waste, especially to treat bad smells from the fridge. As with the bicarbonate, we fill a cup to place in the fridge and to be replaced from time to time when it no longer has an effect.

4) Warm milk, the other effective solution of our grandmothers against bad fridge odors

This is one of the most classic solutions against olfactory nuisances in the fridge. Indeed, he absorbs foul odors to prevent the fridge from smelling bad. As with the others, we pour it into a container and change the milk later if necessary.

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5) Lemon to bring freshness

If you have half a lemon left or even an unused or little used piece, put it on one of the compartments of the fridge. Afterwards, let the freshness of this citrus take care of the rest ! It also works great for the dishwasher. Of course, you may need to renew your leftover lemon after a few days. To disinfect the device and eliminate odors, you can also rub its walls with a baking soda/lemon juice mixture and a good sponge.

6) Reuse corks

You don’t necessarily want to scent the fridge? Are you also a wine lover? In this case, you meet the conditions to worship this sixth tip! Indeed, this material is naturally very absorbent. So you can place several in the nooks and crannies of the fridge. Change them twice a month for greater efficiency. And if you have a big collection, use them in the fruit basket to hunt gnats, recycle them into useful objects or compost them. Very effective and amazing!

7) Cat litter as an anti-odor

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We wouldn’t necessarily have thought of using it! However, it can really allowabsorb and neutralize unpleasant odors. Moreover, if it works well to mask the smell of your kitty’s droppings, you can imagine that removing the bad smells of old camembert or adulterated charcuterie will not scare him. Here, just take a handful of clean litter from the package and put it in a bowl for the fridge.

8) And finally, think of green clay against bad smells from the fridge!

Its effects on skin and health are generally well known. Nevertheless, we know less that it can be a good household ally if we know how to use it well! Yet it is the main ingredient of clay stone so its sanitizing and deodorizing effects shouldn’t be a surprise. Anyway, do not hesitate to slip this powder into a container as for coffee grounds or baking soda. And afterwards, we renew if the absorption becomes less good.

Good to know : Activated charcoal bought in pharmacies can also be used against fridge odors such as stubborn garbage odors.

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