The way to Get Rid of Grubs with Matches.


Are your beloved little plants infested with white grubs? We are going to show you how to get rid of these little white worms quickly.

It’s now or never that we must act, with my grandmother’s trick.

Keeping your houseplants polished all the time is a priesthood, a test, what am I saying! a galley.

Yes because we, if we like them, our plants, it’s because it’s pretty between the veranda and the garden hose.

But, the parasites, they think of their stomach, especially the most insistent… I named the white worms.

Fortunately, my grandmother gave me her trick to eliminate these mini white worms naturally. For this effective and natural home treatment, you just need matches.

Stop blank worms!

But all is well since with my trick, the white worms are drawn at the neighbor.

It was my grandmother who taught me the technique and she works like a thunderbolt.

The solution: sulfur

To scare away vermin, there’s nothing like a few matches well placed in the flower pots, the side with the sulfur buried in the ground.

But be careful: do not put more than 4 or 5 matches, it is more than enough.

How to do

1. Take 4 to 5 matches.

2. Plant these matches upside down in the flowerpot.

3. Water your plant as usual.


There you go, you got rid of white worms in the soil of your plants 🙂

Simple, practical and effective!

And no need for chemicals to protect your houseplants or in the garden from white grubs.

All they need is a little sulfur to fight off these worms. And the head of the matches is filled with it.

It is also a natural and very economical solution for eliminating large white grubs in the vegetable garden.

In terms of price, you can’t do better.

Why does it work?

After a few waterings, the water will help the sulfur to spread in the ground, and then there, the white worms will not last a day.

Yes, because as much as the leaves of our plants, they lick their chops, as much as the smell of sulphur, it would rather tend to evoke a Sunday afternoon hangover.

In short, in any case, since my grandmother confided her secret to me, my plants, they are in perfect health.

Your turn…

And you? How do you keep your plants? Have you tried the match trick? I am waiting for your comments.

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