The best way to have shiny hair like on the hairdresser?


I tried a whole bunch of balms, lotion but without real results, except that of emptying my wallet.

Fortunately, I found the economical and effective trick to have shiny hair like at the hairdresser.

My hairdresser’s trick is to rinse with a vinegar water solution. Look :

What you need

– White vinegar

– water

spray bottle

How to do

1. Put a volume of white vinegar in the bottle.

2. Add nine parts water.

3. Shake well to mix.

4. After shampooing, spray your hair with this solution.

5. Leave on for two minutes.

6. Rinse with clean water.


Dull blonde hair on the left and shiny hair on the right

And There you go ! Your hair is now radiant and shines with a thousand lights like at the hairdresser’s 🙂

Easy, fast and effective, right?

No more dull hair that doesn’t catch the light!

Before, my hair was always frizzy and tangled, it was chaff. Now they are shiny, smooth and easy to comb.

In addition to making hair shine, white vinegar makes it supple.

Thus, the curls are really light and natural.

As for straight hair, it becomes smooth again without a straightener. And they are no longer electric.

More tips

The last rinse is not mandatory, it just allows the smell of vinegar to be completely removed more quickly.

But don’t worry, your hair won’t smell like salad dressing!

The smell goes away on its own after a few minutes.

This trick works for all hair types, even colored hair and white hair.

But also for men who would like a nice shiny reflection on their hair.

Why does it work?

White vinegar rids your hair of all product residue that dulls it.

It also removes pollution particles that damage the hair and make it gray.

All this makes the hair smooth and shiny without any chemicals.

Your turn…

Have you tried this grandmother’s recipe to make your hair shine naturally? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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