Learn how to lose thigh weight with out sport? 5 methods that work


For lack of time or motivation, you can’t always do as much sport as you would like, even if it’s good for your health. Fortunately, there are other ways to reshape your figure, erase your cellulite and lose weight if that’s your goal. For example, it is quite possible to lose thigh weight without sport by taking care of your plate and adopting a few good habits on a daily basis. These tips can also supplement your sports plan if you can exercise and complement your weight loss efforts to regain slender legs and firm thighs. Here is how to proceed for convincing effects without effort and without sport.

1) Adopt a healthy lifestyle

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First, quit smoking and drinking alcohol. This will limit water retention and keep you in better shape. Replace your alcoholic beverages with plain water in sufficient quantity to promote the elimination of toxins and no longer have the feeling of heavy and swollen legs. Moreover, to lose weight and keep a harmonious silhouette, it is very important to sleep well and fight stress (which leads to reckless cracking). In short, you will have understood: having a healthy lifestyle is essential to start on a good basis and obtain better results on your thighs.

2) Take care of your diet to lose thigh weight

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To be in good health and display thin thighs, it is advisable to adopt a healthy and varied diet. Optimizing your nutrition involves several elements:

-Reduce rich foods in refined sugar, salt, saturated fat and calories that make you fat and bloated. It is therefore better to limit ultra-processed industrial food as much as possible in favor of homemade dishes with better controlled intake.
-Favor seasonal fruits and vegetables, rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Green vegetables are particularly recommended here, because their richness in vitamin C gives firm and radiant skin.
-Give more overall pride to the high fiber foodsimportant for satiety and intestinal transit.
-Continue to consume whole starches, legumes and good fats.
-Prefer white meats (like poultry) and lean fish to red meat.
-To avoid water retention, consume green tea, mate tea, draining and slimming herbal teas (dandelion, cherry stalks, red vine, birch, etc.) or citrus fruits for thediuretic effect.

3) Be active even without sport to lose thigh weight

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A sedentary lifestyle is not not ideal for health and display thin thighs. To find thinner legs and tapered thighs, you can however make the decision to go to work by bike when possible, to park a little further from the office or to get off one stop earlier in your transport to walk a little more. You can also get into the habit of taking a little digestive walk at lunchtime for more intestinal comfort and to take more steps. Walking every day is indeed very good for your health and will allow you to tone your thighs effortlessly.

Simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator is also very beneficial. You can also walk on your tiptoes at any time of the day to strengthen your muscles (your calves, thighs, buttocks and even your abs which work to help you keep your balance). While chopping vegetables, brushing your teeth or watching television, this little trick will give you beautiful slender legs and a more harmonious posture. Finally, you can also lose thighs thanks to housework, gardening and DIY which allow you to burn calories.

4) Cold water to firm everything without sport

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A jet of cold water will promote blood circulation and the elimination of toxins while helping to constrict blood vessels. This allows you to fight cellulite thanks to a effective draining effect. Used well, cold water will also help soothe your heavy legs after a long day. For a nice boost effect, finish the shower with a cold jet that you will do from the bottom upwards (from the calves to the top of the thighs, then to the buttocks).

5) The massage of the thighs to refine them

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Thanks to its draining effect, the massage redraws the silhouette of the thighs. With your hand, a massage brush with spikes or a suction cup, perform long, regular massages. It is indeed the time spent applying yourself and the regularity which will give you the most visible effect. Do not hesitate to vary the movements (palpating-rolling, up and down, etc.) to help your thighs eliminate toxins and regain more fluid blood circulation.

To help you, forget the expensive creams from the supermarket (slimming cream with caffeine, slimming massage oil, etc.). It’s just marketing and there is no point without a massage. For maximum effectiveness, here are some recipes for natural toning treatments. Based on essential oils and vegetable oils, these homemade treatments will help the massage and bring more firmness to the skin.

Finally, note that some professionals offer remodeling massages. So remember to ask your beautician for a massage.

What sports to lose thigh weight?

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If all these tips for slimming the thighs are indeed effective, they will only be more so by combining them with the practice of an adequate sport. The combination of physical exercise and these good habits will indeed give you the best results, all while taking care of your health. However, be careful to choose your sports activity carefully, because the goal is not to swell the muscle !

So choose a sport that will allow you to build muscle without fattening your legs. To refine them, think in particular of cycling, rollerblading, moderate running, dancing, toning walking, yoga, trapeze or even gentle gymnastics. As for Pilates, it is ideal for develop muscles with finesse. You can also display a perfect curve with swimming, aquagym and swimming with fins. Practice your activity three times a week to eliminate stored fat and redefine your muscles.

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