make a multi-purpose cleaner to scent the entire home


While there are dozens of floor cleaners out there, one should never forget that they are loaded with chemicals that can smell great but can be harmful to your health.

The good news is, you don’t have to use industrial detergents to keep your floors clean, sanitized and smelling great.

You can use a series of natural ingredients to make a detergent that is both effective and completely safe for your health and that of those around you. But the following detergent recipe allows us to make a product that is not only effective in removing dirt, but also smells great in the house.

Do-It-Yourself Floor Cleaner Ingredients

500 ml of water

50 grams of baking soda

To prepare the detergent, simply mix all the ingredients until you obtain a completely homogeneous liquid.

Baking soda has an abrasive action which is very helpful against dirt and stains. Essential oils, on the other hand, will diffuse a very pleasant and lasting aroma throughout the house.

Using the detergent is very easy. If you need to clean kitchen or bathroom surfaces, you can choose to spray the detergent directly onto them or onto a cloth that you can use to wipe down.

If you must use the detergent to clean the floor, spray it directly on the floor and use a damp cloth or mop to clean the entire surface.

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