Methods to make your individual dry sizzling water bottle? (Extremely straightforward tutorial!)


Slipped in the bed or under a blanket, the hot water bottle makes it possible to face the cold seasons more valiantly. It is therefore essential in autumn-winter to face the cold. It is also a great daily essential when you suffer from chronic pain or that we have injured ourselves. Muscle pain, joint pain, cramps, back pain, stiff neck, earache, painful periods… No pain scares this multi-purpose object, which could not be more gifted! However, the hot water bottle has its detractors: it is heavy, you put liquid everywhere and in addition, it is not necessarily very durable. However, it can easily be replaced by the dry hot water bottle which is a natural and inexpensive alternative. Here’s how to do it at home in two steps, three movements.

The elements required to make a dry hot water bottle

What fabric will we need?

You can use any fabric as long as it is resistant. He must indeed be able to endure the heat, but also keep its shape over time. Ideally, it is better to take a fabric with tight mesh and natural fibers (cotton, hemp or linen). You can also consider using a washcloth or two that you tie together.

As for a classic hot water bottle, it is also possible to provide a cover in which to slide the dry hot water bottle. You can install buttons (press studs or classic) or a zipper to facilitate the setting in the machine. For this cover, anything goes: knitting, fleece, cool patterns, etc.

And what do we put inside?

homemade dry hot water bottle
Capture taken from Mademoiselle Bulle’s YouTube channel (her nice video here)

Usually, we slide cherry pits, apricot or clean, dried grape seeds. It’s a nice way to reuse them instead of throwing them in the trash. Otherwise, we can also use cereals (wheat, barley, rice, semolina, etc.), seeds of our choice (linseed, squash, sunflower or spelled seeds), but also coarse salt. For maximum relaxation, you can add sprigs of dried lavender (to soothe nervous disorders) or dried peppermint (painkiller and against headaches). You can also add essential oils to the garnish, but also use spices (cinnamon, cloves, etc.) to flavor it.

How to heat a dry hot water bottle?

To heat it, we can simply put it on in the microwave or in the oven (after putting it in a special oven dish). It can also be placed near a fireplace or in the sun if the weather is right. As for the heating time, it will depend on the chosen garnish and the volume of the object. Remember to test it beforehand before placing it on your skin. You shouldn’t be burned!
The little extra thing? As with a classic hot water bottle, you can also freeze your dry hot water bottle in summer. This allows you to refresh yourself or relieve small everyday ailments (bruises, sprains, strains, elongation, etc.).

How to make a dry hot water bottle?

homemade dry hot water bottle
Capture from Perles & Co’s YouTube channel (watch video below!)

1) First of all, you have to make a pattern on cardboard. You can choose whatever shape you want: square, circle, cloud, etc.
2) It must then be transferred to two pieces of fabric before carefully cutting them.
3) You can then sew these two sides together on the back before turning everything over. So far, it looks enough like our tutorial to make washable paper towels with the difference that it is necessary leave an unstitched space to fill the hot water bottle with filling.

The little extra thing? The most seasoned in sewing or DIY will be able to sew or draw details (eyes, heart, first name of the person to whom it is offered, etc.).

4) Once you have put your seeds, cereals or stones in it, you can close it again using the same thread.
It’s ready !

Below, discover the video of Pearls & Co with the realization of a dry hot water bottle in the shape of an ultra-crunchy cat.

What if you can’t sew or don’t want to?

For those who do not know how to sew, we can simply consider slip the filling into a single sock ! Take care of the tie securely before putting it to heat as explained earlier.

Otherwise, you can also always invest in a classic hot water bottle. This is the easy way out, but there is nothing wrong with it! In this case, consider adding a spoon of coarse salt to the hot water bottle so that it stays hot longer. So, no need to invest in a hot water bottle cover, even if that is always a plus.

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