defend the Christmas tree from the cat? Listed below are 7 prime ideas!


When you have a very playful and curious cat, it can be difficult to keep a Christmas tree in good condition. However, Christmas doesn’t have the same magic without a nicely decorated tree to slip the presents under. Also, out of the question to leave the decorations in the garage this year for fear that your feline will damage this beautiful tree that you have taken so long to decorate! Luckily, we can always find a way to make them coexist during the holiday season safely. Moreover, to prevent your cat from ransacking the tree in December (and injuring itself or poisoning itself in the process), we have put together these very effective tips. If you were tempted to replace it with a cactus with balls and garlands so that it has peace, you should like it…

Your pet has a strong hunting instinct. He is also often playful and very territorial. Thus, when he sees his human install a giant cat tree under his eyes filled with sparkling toys (balls, garlands and other decorations) that remind him of prey on his territory, it can onlysharpen one’s curiosity and his desire to explore it more closely. Moreover, as a good climber, this feline cannot resist this high place from where he can observe his surroundings. Finally, when he gets on it, he knows that it catches your attention when he is bored or feels neglected.

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The fir needles are toxic to cats. They can indeed cause irritation in his stomach. This is the reason why many cat owners opt for an artificial tree rather than a natural one. Also beware of mistletoe and holly which are highly toxic. In addition, we sometimes put aspirin in the water of the fir tree and it is also toxic for the cat. To limit the risks of vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain (as well as an emergency trip to the vet on Christmas Eve because of the poisoning), so be very careful!

The decorations are not left out. Among compulsive chewers, garlands and other decorations present a risk of choking and bowel obstruction. Other dangers include electrocution or burns with electric garlands. In addition, needles that have fallen on the floor, broken decorations, pieces of glass or metal suspensions can also injure them. Finally, there is the risk that the tree will bend under the weight of the cat and fall on it.

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1) Choose the right Christmas tree and its location to protect it from the cat

Whether natural or plastic, prefer a small tree. Thus, your cat will be less attracted and tempted to climb it. Moreover, even if he does, the risk of injury will be less if he falls on him. To reduce the risk of your feline climbing on it, move it away from nearby furniture that might make it easier for him to climb. If necessary, move your furnishings during the holidays. If you also have a dog, you can provide an enclosure around the tree to protect it from your pets. Otherwise, install your Christmas tree in a room that you can close with a door. So when you go away and leave the tree unattended, you can be sure that your pets will stay away.

2) Let your cat get used to the Christmas tree

Cats don’t appreciate changes in their routine or environment. Now, a big tree covered with luminous balls and hanging garlands is a very big change who will not escape their radar! Also, after buying the tree, don’t decorate it right away. Leave it naked for a few days to give your tomcat time to get used to its presence.

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3) Make sure it is stable

A rickety fir tree will not resist the attacks of your cat. Worse still, he might find it amusing to make him shake and fall… For him to withstand the assaults as well as possible, try to fix him to the wall if you can. Also take care of the foot of the tree, for example by providing a heavy sandbox to prevent it from tipping over. You can also ballast the base of the tree with bodybuilding weights. What matters is strengthen the base !

4) Use natural cat repellents around the Christmas tree

L’citrus smell acts as a natural repellent for cats. So you can use citrus peels and orange wedges on the tree to decorate it while protecting it. You can also place peels around the trunk to keep your hairball away. Want another alternative? There are a myriad of natural repellents to repel cats. To match your interior decoration on the theme of winter and end-of-year celebrations, you can also spray apple cider vinegar on several pine cones to scare away your little companion.

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5) Aluminum in addition to repellents

Aluminum is particularly unpleasant for cats’ paws and their sensitive pads. In addition, it makes a lot of noise, which scares them! You can therefore use it to line the ground around the tree or wrap its base. Some cat parents also use trickery by installing talking toys or music boxes to deter cats and dogs from approaching. Anything that makes noise is welcome here.. Finally, if the vacuum cleaner makes it run off at full speed, do not hesitate to put it near the tree during the holidays. It acts like a real cat scarecrow!

6) Divert his attention

Create a dedicated play area for the cat under the tree to divert its attention. You can there put toys and catnip or catnip. It is also possible to put toys elsewhere. What matters is that he forgets the tree in favor of all your surprises. Also be strategic. If you know your cat is going to play with the tree anyway, avoid putting fragile or cherished decorations on the lower branches. Instead, put on durable decorations that pose little risk to him. Also think about take the time to play with him. He will thus have less time and energy to destroy the tree!

7) Choosing the right Christmas tree decorations when you have a cat

If possible, prefer decorations made of natural materials that do not shine or hang down. The less flashy it is, the less it will attract your cat. You can also hang bells as an alarm signal under the tree. As soon as you hear them tinkling, you can intervene to drive away your favorite little four-legged predator. A spray of water should then quickly divert it.

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