bear in mind your desires higher: 7 straightforward ideas


Between crazy dreams, pleasant escapes and frightening nightmares, our dreams can say a lot about our anxieties, our buried thoughts and our unconscious desires. Nevertheless, to understand all its secrets, it is still necessary to remember it! And in this area, the disparities from one person to another are very strong. While some will keep a vivid and colorful memory of what happened at night, others will immediately forget when they put their foot out of bed. Our sleep rhythm, our personality, as well as our norepinephrine levels play a major role here in remembering dreams. Stress or depression can help, where certain medications will sometimes reduce dream time. So, if your memory is playing tricks on you (much to your dismay!), Check out these tips to better remember your dreams.

1) trust autosuggestion

Before sleeping, repeat out loud or in your head that you want to remember your dreams. Your unconscious will not remain deaf to this call and will help you remember it and better reproduce its unfolding. You can also repeat this same request during the day for more efficiency.

2) Turn off your alarm clock to improve dream memory

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The wake-up alarm wakes us suddenly from our sleep instead of letting us float in the waters of our unconscious. It doesn’t help to remember it at all. This is also why we tend to remember our dreams better during the weekend or during the holidays. One natural and gentle awakening would therefore help you better remember what happens during the night.

3) keep a dream journal by the bed

When you wake up, relax and return to your thoughts. Take two minutes to write down in a notebook what comes to you: impressions, memories, feelings, etc. It could even be a few very simple and sparse keywords. When rereading your notes, you will be able to make sense of them and put the pieces of the puzzle together. Eventually, other elements will come back to you during this exercise as well.

The extra tip: Remember to keep a flashlight next to your notebook so you can take precious notes when you wake up at night. This light will be softer than that of the laptop. This way, you won’t wake your partner up and risk ruining your chances of going back to sleep.

4) Stay 90 seconds in your bed when you wake up

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90 seconds is the time after waking up during which we can best use our memory before it gets too foggy! After breakfast it would be far too late. These seconds must therefore be used as efficiently as possible. To do this, the right technique is to get back to the position in which we fell asleep (or our usual position if we do not remember it). Then we just stay stretched out with our eyes closed. A bit like revisualizing the context to find a lost object, the fact of getting back to its initial position will promote memory work.

5) Vitamin B6 to remember your dreams

A study published in 2018 established a correlation between taking vitamin B6 and the ability to remember dreams. These results should be taken with a grain of salt, especially because this vitamin had also had the side effect of disrupting the sleep of the participants. Also, if you decide to take vitamin B6, never exceed the recommended daily dose (6 mg per day). In addition, it is better to consume foods that contain them (fish, spinach, bananas, milk or even poultry) rather than supplementing yourself without medical advice.

6) take the time to meditate

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Yoga position, slow and deep breathing exercises, mantra recitation, concentration on an object, etc. Just focusing and relaxing will allow you to better memorize your dreams and access deeper areas within yourself. Take this time for yourself each evening before heading straight into the arms of Morpheus.

7) The flashback method

To use this method, there are two techniques. The first is to remember everything you have done during the day before going to sleep. Small subtlety: it will be necessary here to start with the last elements of the night and to go up slowly until the elements of the morning. You can also simply count from 50 to 0 before sleeping. This little exercise will help your memory to recall what happened just before, in your dreams.

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